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The thermoforming process: fast, light, clean.

In the thermoforming process, a plastic film is heated and shaped under vacuum inside the mould, then cooled and simultaneously punched out. The resulting round and rectangular containers are then stacked fully automatically. The support grid that is created during the process is fed back into the thermoforming process as “new” raw material. Pöppelmann FAMAC® manufactures the necessary films in-house wherever possible. Thanks to modern in-line and off-line solutions, we produce our items with a minimum use of materials while meeting our customers' high demands for stability and machinability. Thanks to a low use of material, we save raw materials and reduce transport costs along the entire supply chain. Besides PP, we also process barrier composites (e.g. PP-EVOH-PP) and A-PET.

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Thermoformed universal packaging from Pöppelmann FAMAC®.

The advantages of Thermoforming at a glance:

  • Resource-saving due to reduced use of materials.
  • Material variety ue to in-house foil production.
  • 40 years of experience in the thermoforming process.
  • Consistent quality and high production output with exemplary cleanliness.
  • Modern furnishing plant: Film extruders as well as in-line and offline plants.
  • BRC certification.

Material-saving rectangular container and round container


Universal packaging: Thermoformed rectangular container.

From salads and antipasti to cream cheese variations: Our thermoformed rectangular containers have a universal application range. Together with a barrier film you can also use them for delicate foodstuffs. The containers have been designed to require just one lid magazine for all the six different sizes. Thanks to quick format changes on the filling machine you benefit from considerable cost savings. For additional sales incentives you can use pre-printed film during manufacturing.

BDT Rundbecher
Standard program

Universal packaging: Thermoformed round container with snap-on lid.

For salads and fresh food: Our thermoformed round container with snap-on lid guarantees initial opening through the sealing film or adhesive label. The uniform lid for all four sizes ensures a uniform appearance and at the same time a quick format change at the filling machine – this saves time and money and, thanks to the optional pre-printed film, also makes a lot of difference.


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