Diagnostics & Labware

For the medical and pharmaceutical industries: individual parts, multi-part assemblies

and packaging with special requirements for cleanliness and documentation.




Individual: Customer-specific components and assemblies for laboratory use.

Maintaining the best of standards in cleanliness and hygiene is an important factor of success in the provision in the laboratory supplies and diagnostics sector.
Pöppelmann FAMAC® complies with all required standards. Providing a one-stop service, we satisfy a range of needs from development and toolmaking to clean-room production. Provided in accordance with GMP regulations, this comes with the appropriate documentation and is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485. We prioritise application security along with the highest of quality standards and technical sophistication in our plastic parts.

Microtiter Plate 96well

Microtiter Plate

96 well






for molecular diagnostics




Filter plates

for molecular diagnostics







for molecular diagnostics



Rack for Spin Columns


for spin columns



Laboratory vessels, with and without lids,  for centrifugal use

Laboratory vessels, with and without lids,

for centrifugal use


Reaction vessels

Reaction vessels



Spin Column

Spin Column

with and without lid





Pöppelmann FAMAC® – your development partner for technical functional parts and modern packaging.

Our development capabilities are in line with the latest products, technologies and the highest market demands. Quality, perfect craftsmanship and high-tech production are the secrets behind our market-leading success.

Customer-oriented and competent: With Pöppelmann as your development partner, you can rely on targeted product optimisation and safe process planning to manage quality and costs right from the start – because Pöppelmann FAMAC® is your one-stop shop, providing you with the plastics competency you need for your project. From design, fast development tools with virtual product development and optimisation (including CATIA V5, structural analyses (FEM), filling analyses, 3D simulations and DMU visualisations), and in-house in-house mould making to efficient high-end serial production. One project manager takes care of your needs at all times. – For a decisive competitive edge.

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