Potential savings in logistics

conserve resources.

The modular system of our rectangular container series always ensures

in every single optimal an optimum utilisation of E2 crates.


Resource saving through perfectly utilised secondary reusable packaging.

Always perfectly compiled. Our rectangular container series with a rim-full volume from 660 to 5,700 ml offers you an efficient use in E2 crates thanks to the modular system.


While the length and width remain the same, only the height of the different container sizes changes. This means that only one lid size is required, which significantly simplifies the machine's usability and, at the same time, existing storage capacities can be used optimally.

All benefits at a glance.

  • Dimensions optimised for E2 boxes.
  • One lid size for all tray sizes.
  • Quick format change on the filling machine.
  • Optimised use of existing storage capacities (depending on size, savings of up to 50 % are possible).


Further information on the trays as well as details on dimensions and packaging units are available on the series details page.


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About the rectangular containers.

Calculate your annual savings potential now by choosing our rectangular tray series BR 003 compared to the container sizes you have been using up to now.


And this is how our calculator works: Start your comparison calculation by selecting the appropriate size or volume. Then you can individually adjust the preset values such as annual requirement or transport and storage costs. Further details on the individual values can be found in the "i".


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Containers per box

Containers per box

The calculation of the containers per E2 box is based on the assumption that the boxes are only sorted according to type.

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Required annual quantity of containers

Annual quantity of containers

The calculation is based on the stored default value of 150,000 containers per year. You can adjust this value individually at any time.

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Warehousing costs

Calculation of storage costs

The calculation of the storage costs is based on the assumption that uniform storage takes place exclusively on pallets with maximum capacity utilisation.

The underlying formula:

Storage spaces × storage costs per pallet

E2 boxes per pallet:

The cost per storage place is (in €)

Freight charges

Calculation of freight costs

The calculation of freight costs is based on the assumption that only full pallets are delivered.

The underlying formula:

Storage spaces × freight costs per pallet

The cost per freight bay is (in €)

Purchase and cleaning costs

Calculation of purchase and cleaning costs

The calculation of purchase and cleaning costs is based on the calculated annual box requirement of 8 weeks with 6 runs.

The underlying formula:

(annual quantity of containers / containers per box) × purchase and cleaning costs per box

The purchase costs per box are (in €)

Transport and cleaning per box are calculated as (in €)


Total cost per year


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Minimal use of resources!


We reduce the amount of material used through resource-saving article concepts

and efficient production processes (thermoforming before injection moulding).


Optimal packaging concept!


We are developing packaging that is designed for multiple uses. This includes primary and secondary packaging.


100 % post-consumer recyclate!


We are using plastic packaging that also saves 100% of resources and is completely returned to the closed-loop material cycle after use.


Curious about it?

Then we will be happy to give you an overview of how we bring further resource-saving plastic products into series production.

Find out more.

Do you have any questions? The FAMAC® team will be happy to answer them.


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