Post-consumer-recyclate in serial. 

A case example:

Screw caps made of PCR-PE for Vandeputte SAS.




PCR use saves resources and enables greenhouse gas savings.

In collaboration with our customer Vandeputte SAS, we have developed a srew cap made of PCR-PE and launched it on the market in serial. In this way, we save resources and also protect our climate.

More environmental and climate protection thanks to a more responsible use of natural resources is one of the top issues when it comes to flexible packaging for soaps and detergents.

But can sustainable packaging provide a high level of product protection without losing functionality at the same time? Yes, they can!


In collaboration with our customer Vandeputte SAS from France, we have created a way to solve this issue.


By changing the material of our screw cap C-AE 003 (opening diameter 17.5 mm) from a virgin-PE to a post-consumer recycled PE (PCR-PE), greenhouse gas savings of approx. 50 % are achieved. In this way, we have developed a sustainable packaging solution without without giving up the agreed quality features and functionalities.

© Vandeputte SAS

Our colleague describes the special features of this resource-saving screw cap made from post-consumer recyclate as follows:

  • As part of spouted pouches, our cap made of a PCR-PE is a good choice in this case. The material is obtained from the packaging waste of the "Dualen Systeme". After use, the entire pouch can be disposed of in the yellow bag / yellow bin to close a material loop. The use of a post-consumer recyclate reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to virgin material. This saves resources and protects our climate.
  • The customer's main requirement was to produce a screw cap from PCR-material that ensures a high level of product protection and the required functionality at the same time - without any loss of quality compared to virgin material.
  • Especially a challenge was the adherence to the agreed quality characteristics in different productions with different batches of the material. Contrary to virgin material, the composition of the PCR-material varies depending on the delivered batch. This is caused by the combination of different lightweight packaging in the yellow sack / yellow bin.

We have successfully met these challenges. Now we have to extend this concept to the other sizes of our spout program in order to save more resources and protect the climate.



Lea Middendorf

Less greenhouse gas emissions. High performance.

The success factor material: With the use of post-consumer recyclate, we fulfil the target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the product life cycle.

Calculation base

Initial:  97 % HD-PE type material, 3 % colour virgin material


Now: 97 % PCR material, 3 % colour virgin material


Item weight: 1.7 g


Savings Greenhouse Gas Emissions:



- 49 %


Let's give sustainability a seat at the decision table.


More environmental and climate protection through a more careful use of natural resources is one of the top issues when it comes to the packaging of consumer goods. Manufacturers, packaging specialists and retailers want more sustainable packaging and are therefore intensively dealing with the complex task of developing not only reliable and attractive packaging, but also more sustainable packaging at the same time.


But what is sustainable packaging at all?

This is how we practise responsibility within the Pöppelmann group:

Sustainable management has been a fundamental factor in our success for decades. The long-term added value of our actions lies at the heart of all of our decisions. This attitude is best described by the notion of "responsibility". We assume this responsibility every day anew – for our employees and the quality of our products, for the natural resources of our planet and for the region which we call home.



We do it. Better.
In joint responsibility for tomorrow.




Thinking ecologically.
Acting economically.




Acting ecologically.


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