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Too slow.

The ultrasonic welding process increases the cycle speed and reduces production times while maintaining constant, reliable processing. 

our solution

Faster cycles thanks to ultrasonic welding.

  • Fast cycles up to 200 spouts/minute (double lane).
  • Short set-up times, quick format changes and high flexibility.
  • Material combinations possible, for example monomaterial packaging (pouches with a spout from monomaterial PE or PP) or paper – PE combinations (Hydra Pack).

“What makes the collaboration with Pöppelmann so valuable to us? In a nutshell: cost reduction and time savings through process optimisation and the passionate commitment of the FAMAC® Team.”

Achim Bauder, Widmann Maschinen GmbH & Co. KG



Weld spout.

From baby food to cosmetics products and concentrated cleaning agents: Our weldspouts series ensures high flexibility and an even more effective system usage thanks to the standardised dimensions of spouts and caps across all of the series.

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