Universal packaging: The square bucket series.

From salads and dressings to paint and screws: Our modular space-saving square bucket series has a universal application range and impresses with excellent machinability. Available with tamper-evident lid or snap-on lid—all models have the same lid size—the buckets come with volumes from 3,200 to 5,900ml. To generate yet more sales, you can have the buckets decorated using in-mould labelling. We would be happy to send you a free sample from the series Square bucket. Our FAMAC® service team is waiting to assist you on +49 4442 982-3900 or at famac@poeppelmann.com, or you can contact us directly using our contact form.

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Square bucket with handle and tamper-evident seal

opague, clear-transparent, white
Order No. L mm B mm H mm Capacity ml Tamper-evident seal IML In-Mould-Labelling Packaging unit
EQ 001-3200 BO 199,6 199,6 110 3.228 x x
EQ 001-4200 BO 197,2 199,6 141 4.142 x x
EQ 001-5900 BO 197,2 199,6 202 5.891 x x

Tamper-evident lid and Snap-on lid

Order No. L mm B mm H mm Function IML In-Mould-Labelling Packaging unit
D-EQ 001 S 193,2 193,2 20 Snap-on lid x
D-EQ 001 K 193,2 193,2 17,3 Tamper-evident lid x



For even greater consumer benefits and convenience.

  • Handle ensures optimum shopping convenience
  • Tamper-evident seal proves that the bucket has never been opened
  • One size of lid fits all buckets
Individuell<br>hochwertige Optik
hochwertige Optik

For even better marketing opportunities.

  • Available on request with In-Mould-Labelling (IML)
  • Choose between tamper-evident lid or snap-on lid
  • Sealable brim

For even greater cost reductions.

  • Folding handle allows for secure labelling
  • Standard base size enables differently sized buckets to be stacked safely
  • External dimensions designed to correspond with Euro pallet: 24 buckets per layer
  • Modular, space-saving design
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