The square bucket PCR series.

Whether fertiliser, paint or screws: Our modular, space-saving square bucket PCR series is designed for universal use and impresses among other things by its excellent machinability. Its plastic content consists of 100 % post-consumer recycled granulate. It is also 100 % recyclable. Thus it closes the material loop. The square buckets, which are optionally available with clamp lids or snap-on lids, are available in volumes ranging from 3,200 to 5,500 ml and can be decorated using in-mould labelling if necessary. We would be happy to send you a free sample from the series Square bucket PCR. Our FAMAC® service team is waiting to assist you on +49 4442 982-3900 or at famac@poeppelmann.com, or you can contact us directly using our contact form.

Square bucket PCR series with handle and tamper-evident seal

opague, special colours on request
Bestell-Nr. L mm B mm H mm Volumen ml Originalitäts- verschluss IML In-Mould-Labelling VPE
EQ 001-3200 BO PCR 198 110 3.200 x
EQ 001-4200 BO PCR 198 141 4.200 x
EQ 001-5900 BO PCR 198 202 5.900 x
EQ 001-5500 BO PCR 198 210 5.500 x

Tamper-evident lid and Snap-on lid PCR

Bestell-Nr. L mm B mm H mm Funktion IML In-Mould-Labelling VPE
D-EQ 001 K PCR 198 15 Klemmdeckel x
D-EQ 001 S PCR 198 20 Stülpdeckel x


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