Volmary GmbH: From seed trader to successful family business.

Bernd Wenninghoff, Key Account Manager Volmary GmbH, talks about innovative marketing concepts and their good collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Volmary, a family-run business headquartered in Münster, Germany, started back in 1925. In those days, the company traded in horticultural products and seeds. In the following years, the business grew continuously, rapidly expanding its product portfolio with a large variety of vegetables and herbs alongside flowers and shrubs. At their large nursery in Münster, which doubles up as an information portal, they also breed new plant varieties. Customers have the opportunity to visit Volmary's plant assortment and see their best-in-class quality for themselves. The plants which Volmary successfully sells in their own name are grown by carefully selected co-contractors — independent nurseries sharing the excellent quality of the plants they grow.

Today, Volmary not only stands for best-in-class plants with a high recognition value but also for holistic marketing concepts. Volmary's in-house marketing department employs seven marketing and sales professionals developing new ideas and effective strategies for sales support and other topics, such as printed flower pots, attractive labels, and wide-ranging collaterals, but also extensive social media activities. For example, many consumers regularly read Volmary's blog, which is very popular plant information portal.

Innovative ideas boost sales figures.

In their collaboration partner, Volmary GmbH seeks reliability and also excellent implementation of marketing ideas and taking responsibility — from professional advice to ordering and delivery. The "Volmary Cocktail Herbs" are a successful example of this good teamwork: a variety of herbs in attractively designed plant pots with an additional small paper sunshade. Depending on the type of herb, the sunshade features tasty cocktail recipes and how to prepare them. A great addition for the consumer and an effective idea to create awareness for the product, all rolled into one to boost sales figures. So naturally, Bernd Wenninghoff calls their good collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU® "valuable!".

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