Thinking ecologically. Acting economically.

It goes without saying that Pöppelmann embraces responsibility – for over 30 years, we have been harmonising ecological thinking and economic business, from conscious development all the way to environmentally friendly production. Pöppelmann is also expressly committed to upholding the GKV Code of Conduct for the plastics processing industry.


Right from the start – conscious development:

  • We analyse the life cycle of our products under consideration of ecological aspects. 
  • We exploit all opportunities to save material and use recyclable resources.
  • We always endeavour to achieve the best possible ecological compatibility.

Less is more – eco-friendly production:

  • We uphold the use of innovative heating, cooling and drive technology, as well as energy-efficient lighting and IT. 
  • Our cooling water is processed several times. 
  • We avoid waste wherever possible.
  • We manufacture our products without harmful emissions.