Thinking ecologically. Acting economically.

It goes without saying that Pöppelmann embraces responsibility – for over 30 years, we have been harmonising ecological thinking and economic business, from conscious development all the way to environmentally friendly production. Pöppelmann is also expressly committed to upholding the GKV Code of Conduct for the plastics processing industry.

  • Our own code of conduct for Germany, USA, France, UK and China
  • Investment guideline
  • Privacy guidelines in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • IT security guidelines
  • Travel risk management
  • Customs/foreign trade guideline
  • Human Rights Officer

Risk management is a significant part of business. The term refers to the identification, assessment and management of all risks that affect sustainable business performance, taking into account the complex reciprocal effects between individual risks and the resulting risk-mitigating measures.

To prevent all possible risks, the development of a comprehensive compliance training concept is planned for all employees. This is to be developed in collaboration with the management in order to provide our colleagues with a clear framework for action.

Further development and professionalisation

With the increasing regulation and internationalisation of our business, demands on our compliance management system also grow. We also need to consider the legal situation in other countries where we operate. We see this as an opportunity to extend and professionalise our approach.

In this regard, we plan to introduce a global, multilingual compliance organisation for all business units in the next few years. We also want to integrate other topics in the existing framework and develop our compliance management further. This includes the following activities:


Clear rules for responsible company management.

Pöppelmann is expressly committed to the GKV Code of Conduct for the plastics processing industry. This is a voluntary agreement through which the member companies aim to ensure compliance with global efforts to encourage ethical and moral business. This also means that we abide by the law, uphold principles of fair competition and are a reliable partner. In addition, we promote the fair and sustainable treatment of clients, suppliers and employees.


You have several options for submitting your notification:

  • By e-mail to
  • In writing (also anonymously) by post (Bakumer Str. 73, 49393 Lohne) or via the internal mailboxes, to the internal compliance office of the Pöppelmann Group, to Nadja Kampf (internal data protection coordinator) or Jürgen Nordlohne (compliance officer).
  • By telephone +49 4442 982-1735 (Compliance Officer Jürgen Nordlohne) or +49 4442 982-1739 (internal data protection coordinator Nadja Kampf).
  • External reporting office via You can send an e-mail by clicking on the following link or copying it into your browser. Clicking on the link will open a pre-filled e-mail which will be sent to our external ombudsman, FIRST PRIVACY GmbH.
  • Report via the Pöppelmann whistleblower system. Further information can be found under the following link on our Compliance / CSR homepage (
  • Data protection: internal data protection coordinator Nadja Kampf +49 4442 982-1739; external data protection officer Peter Suhren (FIRST PRIVACY GmbH) +49 421 696632-80;