Our PPx principles.


Four principles and an ambitious aspiration.

How can we succinctly summarize our enthusiasm for our work,
our passion for our product solutions, our strength as a team and our flexibility in a world that is changing with ever-increasing velocity –
in short, our unique Pöppelmann effect? We found the answer to this question in 2017: it is called PPx.


PPx stands for Pöppelmann Excellence and describes the strategic alignment
of our company, the core of our business. We have used the PPx company policy to formulate our aspiration for ourselves. It is:

This means:
We are a team and win or lose together. Everyone with their individual strengths, everyone in their location and in their role.

We do and discuss instead of prolonging and postponing. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to challenges and keeping our promises.

We do what is really important. After all, we are well aware of our task and know what we are talking about. Our knowledge of every last detail whilst creating and prioritising a common understanding as part of a team is what sets us apart.

We do it. Better. Every day, we ask ourselves: Are we better today than we were yesterday? Will we be better tomorrow than we were today?

PPx is the yardstick we use every day to measure the quality of our actions and results; during shop floor tours and team meetings, in the production hall and in the management team. Everyone contributes to ensuring that Pöppelmann remains an independent, internationally oriented and successful family business.

Our four PPx principles outline how we aim to achieve our goal.

Our four PPx principles.

The four PPx principles illustrate our philosophy and values as a fundamental corporate policy that is clear and comprehensible for everyone. Rather than being a mere theory, they are portrayed as a useful tool for everyday work. All departments interpret PPx for themselves, in accordance with their specific tasks.


1. We create added value for our customers.

With this, we mean we see the challenges and requirements of our customers as our own. We are not looking for short-term business, but rather a long-term partnership that is profitable for all parties. We always want the best for our partners and actively practise this in all aspects of our customer relationships, from consulting, the development of technical development and innovative designs to top quality, shorter delivery times and maximum flexibility and reliability.


2. We are successful through our associates.

With this, we mean motivated and qualified employees are the basic pre-requisite for our corporate success. Everyone has an important function in our company. We can only achieve success together. We encourage every member of staff to assume their own responsibility. We understand management to be supporting and facilitating, not controlling. We value and respect each individual employee and his or her work.


3. We actively shape our future with creativity and innovation.

With this, we mean we see change as an opportunity and embrace a culture of continuous improvement in our entire thinking and activity. Our thinking is user-orientated. Improvements are not an end in themselves, but rather create added value for the customer. A culture of constructive criticism is important to us. On the way towards successful innovation, failures are to be expected. It is therefore not our goal to avoid failures, but rather to encourage success.


4. We sustainably achieve excellent results.

With this, we mean we measure our actions by the result. To this end, we set ourselves ambitious but realistic targets. We take a long-term view. As part of this, our partnership with customers is characterised by the outstanding quality of our products and services. We live up to our responsibility towards our employees now and will continue to do so in the future. We issue a binding commitment to protecting the environment and climate, as well as to implementing occupational safety, and tomorrow we will be able to stand by our actions of today and their effects.

GRI report

More information can be found in the GRI report.


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