We assume responsibility – with competence and experience.

Plastic is a material that has been enabling humanity to make ground-breaking progress for more than 100 years: in medicine and in the household, in communication and in mobility. A world without plastic is unimaginable – and undesirable. Without plastic, today’s expectations in terms of living standards and conditions, hygiene and modern technology could not be maintained. Simply put, our plant pots help to keep the world green. Our food packaging makes sure that quark, spreads and salads arrive fresh at the table with reliable product quality. Our laboratory receptacles ensure flawless blood sampling. Our technical car components enable advances to be made in CO2-reducing lightweight construction solutions. Our protective elements stop highly complex and sensitive components from being damaged.


Our aspiration is to reconcile the market demands of our industry with our responsibility for future generations. This sustainability report illustrates how we do this as a leading company in plastics processing. In it, we outline how this aspiration impacts on our everyday work within the company as well as in the areas of product, employees, resources and region.

We are proud of our expertise and experience in plastic. We do not have to hide what we do today to find intelligent product concepts for the world of tomorrow. At the same time, we see great potential for improvement in the future, especially in terms of a circular economy. Sustainable production can only succeed if material cycles are closed, and it is this conviction that drives us forward.

With our PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, we took our first steps in this direction very early on and are already reaping initial success. But there is a long road ahead. We cannot overcome it alone; it demands the collaboration of all parties involved in politics, science, business and society. Even against this background, we are pleased about the current controversial discussion surrounding our material, plastic. It shows that there is great interest in our work and can provide crucial motivation for the development of sustainable product solutions.

Those who speak of sustainability mean an ecological balance, economic security and social fairness. We are determined to make our contribution in realising this comprehensive concept for the future. Working on the sustainability strategy and report helps us to set the right course in good time.

We would like to thank everyone inside and outside our company who has supported us on this journey of self-assurance and route planning for the future through discussions and pointers, criticism and suggestions.

We have given our report the title “We do it. Better. In joint responsibility for tomorrow.” This is the benchmark by which we measure our performance.  

Henk Gövert, Norbert Nobbe und Matthias Lesch.

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Tailor-made and customised solutions.

Our product portfolio includes protective elements for industry, plant pots and trays, technical plastic articles for the automotive industry as well as food packaging and functional parts for the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.

Thomas Hannöver,
Head of Initial Sampling K-TECH® and German Cyclo-cross Champion

A dynamic and reliable partnership.

We are successful because of our employees.


Four principles and an ambitious aspiration.

How can we succinctly summarise our enthusiasm for our work, our passion for our product solutions, our strength as a team and our flexibility in a world that is changing with ever-increasing velocity – in short, our unique Pöppelmann effect?