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KAPSTO® - Protective Plugs

KAPSTO® - plastic protective plugs for every application.

Pöppelmann KAPSTO® plugs provide optimal protection against dust, damage and soiling. Whether for hoses, internal threads, pipes, lines, quick connectors (QC) or other openings – with over 3,000 dimensions, the KAPSTO® standard program provides the perfect protection for indoor environments. Sealing plugs, coating protection, dust protection plugs, screw-in components or conical plugs all provide your application with bespoke protection according to your needs.  Discs, flexible materials, spherical shafts and sealing lips provide the best possible fitting and maximum protection. KAPSTO® plastic protective plugs are used in a number of industry sectors: hydraulics, machine construction, turbo-chargers, line production, coating, furniture production, civil engineering, automotive suppliers and many other sectors. Whether you are looking for something robust, temperature-resistant, flush-closing tolerance bridging or providing good sealing characteristics, we have the right protective plugs for your every need.

KAPSTO® - plastic protective plugs for every application.

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