“We are the new ECO standard series.”

Find out why the new ECO standard series GPN 400, 401, 480 and 481 convince as thin-walled thermoformed protective elements.


“I am a GPN.”

Find out what our plastic protection elements and employees have in common. In an amusing and entertaining and way, in a multi-part series of films – we hope that you will enjoy them!

Reycling blue

We consist of Recycling blue

We are just as resource-friendly as our world-wide initiative Pöppelmann blue®.

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We are the new ECO standard series.

Thanks to the thermoforming process, we are thin-walled and particularly resource-friendly.

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Pöppelmann KAPSTO® – Plastic protective caps and plugs for every application.

Our KAPSTO® protective caps and plugs ensure optimum protection during production, storage and transport. Every protection element of our KAPSTO® standard program with over 3,000 versions perfectly protects your application. - All individually tailored according to your requirements. Whether robust, low-abrasion, temperature resistant or sealing - you will find the right protective element here.

Caps for external protection

Protective Caps, Grip Caps, Flange Caps and Screw Caps

Plugs for internal protection

 Screw Plugs, Flange covers, Protective Plugs and Grip Plugs


Individual protective elements

From development to series production – with FastLane even in record time.


Thermoformed trays

For the protection of sensitive components during transport, storage and production.




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