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Custom-made protective elements by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

You still haven’t found the right protective element? If required, we can develop and produce individual custom-made products to your individual needs. Which task should the protective element fulfil? Should it have a handle or thread? What properties should the material have? No matter how special your requirements for your protective element may be, we do it. There is usually no need to build completely new moulds. In most cases, it is sufficient to create special mould inserts for existing moulds. On request, we can also manufacture your product in a special manufacturing area designed for maximum technical cleanliness. For exact testing, we would be pleased to send you design, functional and installation samples in various materials.

To speed up the project even more, you can take advantage of our FastLane offer to have your protective element manufactured in record time within just one month. It goes without saying that you also benefit from our competent and customer-oriented project support team, which performs numerous tasks related to the entire project. You will therefore save a lot of time and additional cost-intensive interfaces (e.g. external development agents and mould constructors). – We will be happy to advise you: +49 4442 982-9100.

With rapid prototyping, individual test samples in different materials are available at Pöppelmann KAPSTO® already in early development phases.
From the idea to the model. Rapid Prototyping allows Pöppelmann to create individual testing samples in different materials, even in early development stages.

Examples for individual protective elements:



  • Two-part cover for fine chromating

    Fine-part cover

    for fine chromatisation

  • Cover for coaxial contacts


    for coaxial contracts

  • Power end cap with suction foam to absorb residual fuel

    Line end cap with absorption foam

    for collecting residual fuel

  • Double plugs and plugs with ring lug for connector terminals

    Double plugs and plugs with ring shackle

    for plug-in connectors

  • Transport cover for mechanical seals

    Transport lock

    for bearing ring seals

Find the perfect solution for your application with Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

If you cannot find a suitable protective element in our standard or special range, we can develop and produce tailored custom-made products on request.


Rapid prototyping – the faster route to series maturity.

Rapid Prototyping allows Pöppelmann to create individual testing samples in different materials, even in early development stages.With Rapid Tooling we provide our customer with a way of getting to the finished product in a faster and more economical way. At the same time, we minimise risks and implement item designs or item versions in a more realistic way.

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New moulds, repairs and maintenance.

Our in-house master mould concept allows the team at our mould technology centre to be very flexible in the production of new moulds. Besides, we can also offer you plenty of special versions that can be made for your specific order using existing moulds.


The fast track to success: Reliable high-tech serial production.

The ideal conditions for successful cooperation: Consistent quality, high production output, exemplary cleanliness and very high delivery reliability characterise production at Pöppelmann KAPSTO®, ncluding our proven quality management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our environmental management system is inspected in accordance with EMAS ll and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.


Precisely according to your wishes:

In addition to the standard versions, we also offer the option to produce your protective element in special colours and materials – and if necessary, even under stricter cleanliness requirements. We can also provide you with optimum support in the event of tight deadlines when custom-made products are required, thanks to our optional FastLane service offer.


Special colours and materials.

In addition to the standard versions, we offer you the possibility of having your plastic protective solutions made in special colours and materials and even in signal colours. After prior testing, production as a resource-saving alternative in the colour "Recycling Blue" is also possible. The protective elements consist of 100 percent recycled material in the plastic used. All in line with our company-wide PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative.


FastLane - Special parts at record speed.

1 day to the quote. 1 week to the prototype. 1 month to the series-produced part. – With FastLane, our new optional service, we can now develop and produce individual special parts even faster, and provide you with optimum support in the event of time bottlenecks. With FastLane we can now develop and produce your special part even faster


Highest technical cleanliness.

On request, we manufacture our products for sensitive, safety-relevant and function-critical components in a special manufacturing area which is designed for maximum technical cleanliness. In order to ensure cleanliness, this special manufacturing area – the KAPSTO® cleanroom – is subject to regular sampling and particle analyses according to VDA Volume 19 and ISO 16232. 

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