Contact Protection – GPN 360 Type B

The GPN 360 Type B contact protection protects compact connector sockets in the low-voltage range, e.g. MLK, SLK and MAK, and is also suitable for oval openings. The handy grip tab guarantees fast removal and the circumferential ribs enable an optimal clamping fit. Within certain limits, the contact protection prevents the ingress of liquids.

  • Contact protection for internal protection
  • Production in accordance with ISO 16232 in a specially designed cleanroom possible
  • Two sustainable variants made from post-consumer recyclate available
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Drawing sealing plugs - GPN 351 Form B
mm inch
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Order no.
GPN 360 KS 1812 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow 17,48 11,48 0.303 0.815 36018120073
GPN 360 KS 2312 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow 22,48 11,48 0.303 0.815 36023120073
GPN 360 KS 2812 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow 27,48 11,48 0.303 0.815 36028120073
GPN 360 KS 3816 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow 37,3 15,2 0.303 0.815 36038160073

Dimensions in mm

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Application guide

mm inch
Contact connections
GPN 360 KS 1812 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow SLK 2.8 VDA
  • 2
GPN 360 KS 2312 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow SLK 2.8 VDA
  • 3
GPN 360 KS 2812 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow SLK 2.8 VDA
  • 4
GPN 360 KS 3816 PCR-PE / PE-LD, yellow SLK 2.8 VDA
  • 4

The GPN 360 contact protector was developed for special compact plug connections listed in the application table. The contact protector is additionally suitable for other connections.

Quality advantages

<p><strong>Better fit.</strong></p>

Better fit.

Protection for SLK compact connector sockets.
<p><strong>Saves time.</strong></p>

Saves time.

With practical tab for fast removal.
<p><strong>Seals better.<strong></p>

Seals better.

Prevents penetration of liquids within certain limits.


Production in accordance with VDA Band 19 and ISO 16232 in our specially equipped cleanroom on request.


Circumferential ribs for perfect design fit.
<p><strong>More resource-saving.</strong></p>

More resource-saving.

Mix of post-consumer recyclate and virgin material

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