Flexible Grip Caps - GPN 212

The GPN 212 pipe end caps are particularly suitable for protecting pipes and ball sockets. The ergonomically shaped grip tab enables easy handling during fitting and removal. The flexible material enables use for different counter-piece diameters and is temporarily heat-resistant up to 120°C.

  • Sustainable variant as PCR and virgin material mixture
  • Pipe end caps for external protection
  • Temporarily heat-resistant up to 120°C
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Drawing Cable end caps - GPN 212
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D min
D max
Order no.
GPN 212 FM 76 PCR-TPE 8 8,8 7,8 23,3 21200760085
GPN 212 FM 77 PCR-TPE 8 9 10,1 25,4 21200770085
GPN 212 FM 102 PCR-TPE 10,3 11,2 8,7 24,2 21201020085
GPN 212 FM 88* PCR-TPE 9,4 10,1 11,1 26,8 21200880085

Dimensions in mm. 

Information on materials, colours, designs and use of our products can be found on the website and in Chapter 4 Materials and use. 

* This size is supplied with internal clamping surfaces.

** Substances of very high concern according to EU-REACH-VO

Quality advantages

<p><strong>Saves time.</strong></p>

Saves time.

With ergonomically designed removal tab for easy handling.
<p><strong>More versatile.</strong></p>

More versatile.

Suitable for different diameters due to flexible material. Free from plasticizers with SVHC** relevance.


Particularly suitable for ball linings.
<p><strong>More resource-saving.</strong></p>

More resource-saving.

Mix of post-consumer recyclate and virgin material

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