Less CO2 emissions while maintaining the same quality - 
through the use of recycled material.  



Up to 87% less CO2 emissions while maintaining the same quality - 
through the use of recycled material. 

Calculate your CO2 footprint now. 

As a leading company in the development and production of plastic solutions for the automotive and industrial sectors, we are aware of our responsibility for the future. 

Given the growing importance of greenhouse gas emissions in the product life cycle, we are committed to reducing the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of our plastic articles. Our calculations cover the cradle-to-gate part of the product life cycle, based on DIN EN ISO 14067 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG).

Calculate the PCF and see directly the potential for reducing your CO2e emissions for our P4C products. It's that simple:

Step 1: Select the article.
Step 2: Press the "Calculate GHG" button.
Step 3: You will receive the result based on the 2023 data.

Virgin Material
100% Post-Industrial-Recyclate
Pöppelmann I2022Fbk
Gross weight of article
Material of the article
GHG savings compared to virgin material


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The success factor material

"For us at Pöppelmann K-TECH, the question is not whether we are able to reduce GHG-emissions, but rather how high the potential for reduction is. A key success factor and powerful lever for significant GHG reduction is the plastic we use. We achieve a real boost effect by using recyclates from industrial sources (PIR). We can directly demonstrate savings of over 80% in some cases. This has already been achieved millions of times in series production."


Dirk Stubbe, Head of Protectors4Connectors

Do you have specific projects or challenges in the area of CO2 reduction? 

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