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Electrical and electronic components

Functional plastic solutions for less component weight.

Requirements are becoming ever more stringent, especially in the automotive sector: Shorter developement cycles for systems capable of more functions with reduced system weight. Especially for these requirements, we develop appropriate solutions that not only provide high functionality but are always developed under consideration of the economic aspects. Detailed review at each stage of development from material, design, tool and process parameters allow us to make a quality, cost competitive product.


Added value: 

  • Economically: functional integration with reduced component weight.
  • Dimensionally stable: reduction of warpage and minimization of sink marks.
  • Fast dimensional accuracy: fewer iteration loops, resulting in faster series releases.
  • Lightweight: weight savings through material change. Polyamide applications could be redesigned to use polypropylene.

Added value

  • Flexible: no limitation in machine size.
  • Dimensionally stable: reduction of warpage and minimization of sink marks.
  • Economically: functional integration with reduced component weight.
  • Resilient: also suitable for fiber-reinforced plastics.
Holder ECU
Oraganic sheets

Added value: 

  • Lighter: weight savings up to 50% compared to metal components.
  • Multifunctional: functional integration by spraying on polymer components and encapsulating metal inserts.
  • Economical: elimination of rework steps (one-shot-process).
  • Stable: very high strength and rigidity through the use of different fabrics.
  • Fast: Shorter process times compared to conventional duroplastic fiber composites.
Metal substitution

Added value:

  • Engineering: FEM calculations and new materials can be used to independently develop application-specific solutions.
  • Lighter: significant weight reduction compared to metal components.
  • Economical: functional integration with reduced component weight and substitution of add-on parts.

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