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Individual protective elements.

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Individual protective elements

Custom-made protective elements by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

You still haven’t found the right protective element? If required, we can develop and produce individual custom-made products to your individual needs. Which task should the protective element fulfil? Should it have a handle or thread? What properties should the material have? No matter how special your requirements for your protective element may be, we do it. And this is cheaper than you might expect. That’s because usually there is no need to design new moulds from scratch. In most cases, it is sufficient to create special mould inserts for existing moulds. For exact testing, we would be pleased to send you design, functional and installation samples in various materials.

Of course, our competent and customer-focused project support team helps you by undertaking all those numerous jobs involved in a project. You will therefore save a lot of time and additional cost-intensive interfaces (e.g. external development agents and mould constructors). – We will be happy to advise you:  828-466-9500.

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From the idea to the model. Rapid Prototyping allows Pöppelmann to create individual testing samples in different materials, even in early development stages.

Examples for individual protective elements:

Zweiteilige Abdeckung Blau

Two-pieces cover

for fine chromatisation

Koaxialkontakte Blau


for coaxial contacts

Leitungsendkappe Blau

Line end cap with absorption foam

for collecting residual fuel

Doppelstopfen Blau

Double plugs and plugs with ring shackle

for plug-in connectors

Transportsicherung Blau

Transport lock

for bearing ring seals

Kapsto Normprogramm Teaser

KAPSTO® product range

More than 3,000 versions immediately available from stock – including free and non-binding samples.

Kapsto Teaser Tray Ohne Pr 408x244 New

Thermoformed trays

For the protection of sensitive components during transport, storage and production.


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