VDA sealing caps - GPN 242

The VDA sealing caps GPN 242 are suitable for protecting the connection area of VDA quick-connect spigots and are suitable for variants with and without anti-turn device. The radial symmetrical design enables automated fitting, while the easy-to-grip and knurled shaft ensures quick removal. Clamping by means of clamping strips allows pressure to equalise, and the VDA quick-connect spigots are protected all the way to the chamfer. The plastic used consists of post-consumer recycled material.

  • VDA sealing caps for VDA PS3 QC spigots
  • Production in a specially designed cleanroom is possible in accordance with ISO 16232
  • The recycled material used is Blue Angel certified
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recycling blau
mm inch
Applicable for
VDA nozzle NW
Order no.
GPN 242 NW 6 PCR-PE, recycling blau 0.236 4.094 7.165 3.976 5.472 24200060000
GPN 242 NW 8 PCR-PE, recycling blau 0.315 4.882 7.953 4.764 5.866 24200080000
GPN 242 NW 12 PCR-PE, recycling blau 0.472 6.417 9.252 6.299 5.866 24200120000
GPN 242 NW 16 PCR-PE, recycling blau 0.63 8.78 12.047 0.866 6.654 24200160000
GPN 242 NW 20 PCR-PE, recycling blau 0.787 10.354 13.858 1.024 6.85 24200200000
GPN 242 NW 32 PCR-PE, recycling blau 1.26 1.528 1.866 1.504 0.724 24200320000

Dimensions in mm

*The article consists of 98 % PCR-PE (Post Consumer Recyclate) and 2 % colour based on a PIR carrier (Post Industrial Recyclate).

Information on materials, colours, drawings and use of our articles can be found on pages 166/167.

Quality advantages

More resource-saving.
More resource-saving.
The plastic used consists of 100 % recycled material.
Better fit.
Better fit.
For protecting the mating surfaces of VDA quick-connect nozzles.
Production in accordance with VDA Band 19 and ISO 16232 in our specially equipped cleanroom on request.
Suitable for variants with and without anti-turn device. Clamping bars enable pressure equalisation.
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