Bit 73x Montagewerkzeug WebBit 73x Montagewerkzeug Aw WebBit 73x Montagewerkzeug Cad Web
Bit 73x Montagewerkzeug Web
Bit 73x Montagewerkzeug Aw Web
Bit 73x Montagewerkzeug Cad Web
KAPSTO® Standard Products

Assembly tool – KAPSTO® BIT-73X

The new KAPSTO® BIT-73X is a sturdy bit, made of stainless steel, for commercially-available power screwdrivers with drill chucks. The shank is specially designed for power screwdrivers with holders as per DIN ISO 1173. Simple and ergonomic handling makes it possible to fit and remove all 95 different versions of our screw plugs even faster. Our KAPSTO® application consultant would be pleased to advise you: +49 4442 982-9100 or – also directly via our contact form.

KAPSTO® Quality Advantages

The KAPSTO® BIT-73X advantages at a glance:

Robust, temperature resistant or sealing - every protection cap or plug of our standard program has specific product characteristics. Whether for internal or external threads, pipes, compact plugs, boreholes, fuel lines or hoses: you can be sure that we have the right caps and plugs for your application. - Profit from the KAPSTO® quality advantages and discover what makes the KAPSTO® BIT-73X stand out.

More versatile. Only one assembly tool required for all sizes of the standard series GPN 730 and GPN 735 – GPN 738 (95 different screw plugs).
Saves time Quick installation and removal.
More robust. Sturdy stainless steel construction.
Better fit. The shaft is designed for screwdrivers with a socket pursuant to DIN ISO 1173.
Better. The bit can be used with commercially available screwdrivers with drill chuck.

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