VDA Sealing Plugs with tab - GPN 248

The VDA sealing plugs with tab GPN 248 are suitable for protecting the  connection area of VDA quick-release couplings. The clamping on the upper edge offers a special seal and is done gently and securely on the inner sealing rings of the connector. The plastic used consists of post-consumer recyclate.

VDA sealing plugs with tab for internal protection

Production according to ISO 16232 possible in the specially equipped clean room

The recyclate used has been awarded the Blue Angel

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recycling blue
mm inch
Applicable for
VDA coupling NW
Order no.
GPN 248 NW 6 PCR-PE, recycling blue 6 0.803 0.394 0.819 1.665 24800060000
GPN 248 NW 8 PCR-PE, recycling blue 8 0.961 0.472 0.87 1.717 24800080000
GPN 248 NW 12 PCR-PE, recycling blue 12 1.118 0.622 0.874 1.724 24800120000
GPN 248 NW 16 PCR-PE, recycling blue 16 1.378 0.858 1.043 1.894 24800160000
GPN 248 NW 20 PCR-PE, recycling blue 20 1.535 1.028 1.047 1.898 24800200000
GPN 248 NW 26 PCR-PE, recycling blue 26 1.811 1.256 1.114 1.965 24800260000

Dimensions in mm

Information on materials, colours, drawings and use of our articles can be found on pages 166/167.

For these articles, color deviations as well as black dots, which cannot be completely avoided due to production technology, are permissible. We recommend that functional tests be carried out before series production.

*The article consists of 98 % PCR-PE (Post Consumer Recyclate) and 2 % colour based on a PIR carrier (Post Industrial Recyclate).

Quality advantages

More resource-saving.
More resource-saving.
The plastic used consists of 100 % recycled material.
Better fit.
Better fit.

For protecting the mating surfaces of VDA quick connectors.

Saves time.
Saves time.
Newly designed removal tab for fast handling. Protected tab design.
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