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Pöppelmann KAPSTO® flange covers provide optimal protection during production, transport and storage. The KAPSTO® standard program provides protective covers in a range of dimensions - the perfect protection for your flange. Our plastic flange covers provide your application with bespoke protection according to your needs. You will find standard protection for flanges in accordance with AMSE, DIN, SAE and BS.


KAPSTO® - plastic flange covers for every application.

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Flange Caps
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Protective Caps

KAPSTO® flange caps are available in a wide range of dimensions – the perfect protection for your flange. You will find standardized protection for flanges according to ASME, DIN, SAE and BS. High-quality raw material made of PE-LD and PE-LLD, clamping ribs, circumferential beads and clamping rims ensure an optimum fit and quick assembly with maximum protection.


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