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The cornerstone.

The cornerstone.



Training with a future

Our apprentices learn for the future.

Are you looking for an innovative company that assumes responsibility for the environment?

Would you also like friendly colleagues who are on hand with optimal support throughout your apprenticeship?

Hoping for interesting tasks and good career prospects? Then you have come to the right place.


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Points achieved on the IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce examination certificate.

Our task is to provide our apprentices with first-class training and help them to pass their exams with above-average results. To ensure this, we compare the average of all final grades at Pöppelmann with the average grade achieved by apprentices on the same training courses throughout Germany.


We support you during your apprenticeship in order to guarantee we continue to meet this goal in the future.

85 %



76 %



An apprenticeship at Pöppelmann is the cornerstone of your professional future.

We see all apprentices and employees as equal partners – and ideally also as friends. This is why we never think of an apprenticeship without considering what comes next. We not only train to make Lohne smarter. We want the very best, most innovative people in our company – ideally until they retire.

We take care of you during your apprenticeship.



Based on an individual training plan, you will work in the various departments in the company. You will gain experience in all four divisions and will help to shape tried-and-tested and innovative applications for plastic yourself. Even during your apprenticeship, you will have the opportunity to assume responsibility and work on exciting projects and tasks.



The support provided through in-company tuition, which complements the teaching content at the training centre and the practical training, is reflected in the good final grades our apprentices achieve. Internal and external tutors regularly recap and supplement the teaching material in both the commercial and industrial areas. The company’s own specialists teach in their specific areas of expertise.



During the first months of the technical apprenticeship, we teach you the basics of the job-specific areas at our training centre. Here, cutting-edge workstations in the areas of metallurgy, plastics technology, electrical engineering and construction await. Regular instruction at the training centre complements the apprenticeship content in the corresponding departments and ensures you are optimally prepared for your exam. This has earned it the IHK ‘Top Training’ seal.


At eye level.

Of course, we are always keen to know what can be improved in our training. When changing departments, all apprentices are therefore automatically asked to provide an evaluation of the department – and vice versa. Feedback for both sides. We use cutting-edge software for this evaluation. The evaluations are then discussed in a joint feedback session, which we also hope will enable all participants to develop their ability to accept and give criticism. A skill that is crucial in many areas of life.

After your apprenticeship, we work together to build on your opportunities.


Chances of permanent employment.

Our growth depends on our next generation of talent. The chances of being taken on permanently are therefore good. Over 90% of our apprentices continue to work for us after their training. Even after completing a degree or changing to a different company, many come back to Pöppelmann, where they did their apprenticeship.

We also offer internships to help you find a career. Simply apply directly online on our website. Also keep an eye out for the dates of our


Today, further training is more important than ever – not just for professional and personal development, but for us as a company, too. This is why we support you after your apprenticeship with a wide range of further training measures, such as training to become a plant manager or business administrator. And if you achieve good results in your apprenticeship, you can even choose to combine employment with a university degree as a student trainee. Whichever path is right for you, completing an apprenticeship will provide you with a strong foundation to build upon.

Spoilt for choice.

Business or technical? Do you like things a little quieter or are you looking for action? Whiteboard marker or laser?


Deciding on an apprenticeship after leaving school is certainly no easy feat (of course, work placements always help). However, we have something for virtually everyone. Why not have a look through our apprenticeships and see for yourself?

All in one go!

Are you finding it difficult to choose between work and study? Or are you unsure of which order you want to do them in?

Good news – you can do both at the same time! Although it can be quite a lot of work,

a dual study course undoubtedly provides you with a strong basis for your professional career! 


Find your perfect apprenticeship.

A work placement is the best way to find out which career suits you. We offer school pupils and students the opportunity to get a taste of everyday working life for a few weeks in numerous areas of our company. You can either apply for a voluntary placement during the holidays or a fixed work experience programme as part of your school or university education. Even those who decide not to finish their degrees will find promising new perspectives for their professional future at Pöppelmann.


You can apply via our job portal. We also hold an annual Taster Day, where young people have the chance to find out more about the various apprenticeships on offer at Pöppelmann. You can register for the next Taster Day on this page once the event is announced – so make sure you come back to check!

Apply now

Three steps to your apprenticeship.

We try to provide prompt feedback at every step of your application. You should not have to wait around for months without knowing what next August holds for you. However, we do need a couple of days between each application stage.


It goes without saying that your details will be treated strictly confidentially and are only viewed by those responsible for making acceptance decisions.


The application process is very easy – the following three steps are all that stand between you and your goal: