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The all-round satisfaction package.

The all-round satisfaction package.



Benefits at Pöppelmann

Work should not be an obstacle – it should be meaningful and beneficial for our employees. That is why we constantly ask ourselves how we can create more value and improve the lives of Pöppelmann employees through appropriate social, health and financial benefits. This way, we can ensure that everyone remains happy and healthy as we work together to shape Pöppelmann long into the future. Here, we have something for everyone.


Employee turnover 2020

For various reasons, some employees decide to move on to new jobs – or retire from professional life. The employee turnover shows the proportion of employees who have left their previous positions. This includes those who have begun their well-earned retirement as well as many temporary contracts for the school pupils and students we bring in as holiday cover every year. Even including these employees, compared nationally, the Pöppelmann employee turnover is certainly something to be proud of.


The key figures show what creates such a strong bond between our employees and the company – in addition to the friendly and appreciative working environment, of course.



destatis (2021)



destatis (2021)

Pöppelmann, 2019


Pöppelmann, annual report (2021)



We meet childcare costs up to €165 for all of our employees’ children aged between one and three. In order to ensure the best possible work-life balance even during the holidays, we also collaborate with Lohne Youth Club to offer childcare for all children aged between six and twelve during the Easter, summer and autumn holidays.

Researchers' Sunday

Stage and museum.

Through regular collaboration, we offer employees the opportunity to enjoy local culture at reduced rates and even to become exhibitors at Lohne Industrial Museum themselves.


Appreciation and attention.

Good work is valued here. And since Pöppelmann employees achieve great things, they are often rewarded with all sorts of gifts and tokens of appreciation. We also like to mark the birth of a child or other personal milestones of our employees – prepare to be surprised!


Parcel and laundry services.

Time is... time. We want our staff to have time for friends, family and leisure activities before and after work. In order to make this happen, our employees can take advantage of our on-site laundry service and parcel station, from which deliveries can both be sent and collected.


Celebrating together.

We love to celebrate the achievements of our company and every single employee. Anniversaries, exam success, company celebrations and Christmas parties provide regular opportunities for us to socialise and enjoy spending time together outside of the workplace.


Long live sport!

Physical and mental health are closely related. It goes without saying that we care for both. Our two collaborative partners qualitrain and Hansefit offer a wide range of fitness studios, swimming pools and many more sports facilities in the local area as well as numerous online courses. Regular stretch classes are also held directly on site for all employees.


Cycling to work.

Employees who like to cycle to work, or just enjoy discovering the Oldenburg Münsterland on two wheels in their free time, can lease or buy a bicycle for themselves and their partner at discounted rates via our collaborative partner Business Bike. We are fans of sustainable modes of transport on our premises, too.


Prevention is better.

Two days every week, our company doctor offers employees various preventative and elective examinations, from hearing tests to cardiac stress tests. It goes without saying that flu vaccinations and all other services are free of charge. We also cover a considerable part of the costs for blue light glasses.


Fresh food.

We promote a balanced diet with freshly prepared muesli and nutritious salads every day. Hundreds of portions leave our kitchen on a daily basis and are delivered to our employees’ workstations for the modest price of 40 cents.


Natural healing.

Since the 1980s, our well-stocked staff pharmacy has offered employees a wide range of teas, creams, ointments and juices free of charge to soothe colds and minor ailments. The pharmacy was established by Gertrud Pöppelmann, the former managing director and kind soul of the company.


Free advice.

Another collaborative partner who is on hand to assist our employees with a wide range of issues is Talingo EAP. Whether initial legal advice, arranging appointments with specialists, help with finding childcare places or mental health concerns, the experts at Talingo are on hand to help. You can also remain completely anonymous if you prefer.


Sporting ace?

Of course, you do not have to be a competitive athlete to become part of the Pöppelmann family. But if you do happen to be one and perhaps even compete in ‘your’ sport at a national level, we will support you as much as we can.


Christmas and holiday bonuses.

... we offer these, too. A full thirteenth month’s salary is paid at Christmas in addition to a 75% bonus for holidays in the summer. Both benefits are for employees to enjoy to the full.


Pöppelmann into retirement.

Our responsibility for our employees does not end when their well-earned retirement begins. This is why we want to help with asset building before this time arrives – through capital-forming benefits and company pension schemes.


‘Special circumstances’.

We reward both professional and personal achievements with extra time off or special payments.


As flexible as possible.

Admittedly, this is more difficult to implement in shift work in production than it is in the office. But wherever practicable, we try to accommodate employees as much as possible in their individual daily and weekly schedules through flexitime and mobile working.