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Gpn 802 Schraubkappen Mit Dichtscheibe Web

GPN 802 (63)

Screw Cap with Sealing Disc

Gpn 804 Schraubkappen Mit Dichtring Web

GPN 804 (23)

Screw Cap with Sealing Ring

KAPSTO® - Screw Caps

KAPSTO® - plastic screw caps for every application.

Pöppelmann KAPSTO® plastic screw caps provide optimal protection during production, storage and transport. The KAPSTO® standard program provides screw caps for all common threads. Whether for metric, imperial and American threads, pipe threads or Withworth threads  – we provide the perfect protection for your external threads. Our GPN screw caps serve to protect, seal and close. Gaskets and easy-to-grip external rib enable a firm fit and quick installation. KAPSTO® plastic screw caps are used in a number of industry sectors: fluid engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, coating, vehicle construction, agricultural engineering, mechanical engineering, line production, automotive suppliers and many other sectors. Whether you are looking for something robust or providing above-average sealing characteristics, we have the right screw caps for your every need.

KAPSTO® - plastic screw caps for every application.

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