Pöppelmann KAPSTO® plastic screw caps provide optimal protection during production, storage and transport. The KAPSTO® standard program provides screw caps for all common threads. Whether for metric, imperial and American threads, pipe threads or Withworth threads – we provide the perfect protection for your external threads. Our GPN screw caps serve to protect, seal and close. Gaskets and easy-to-grip external rib enable a firm fit and quick installation.


KAPSTO® - plastic screw caps for every application.

GPN 800
63  Items
Screw Caps
GPN 801
10  Items
Screw Caps
GPN 802
63  Items
Screw Caps with Sealing Disc
GPN 804
25  Items
Screw Caps with Sealing Ring
GPN 930 Type B
5  Items
Protective Dust Caps

KAPSTO® plastic screw caps are available for all common thread types. Whether for metric, inch or American threads, pipe threads or Whitworth threads – our products offer the perfect protection for external threads. Sealing rings ensure that the screw caps seal within certain limits, and easy-grip outer ribs enable fast assembly and disassembly. Our screw caps from our standard program are available in PE-HD and PE-LD materials.


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