KAPSTO® - Protective Caps

KAPSTO® - plastic protective caps for every application.

Pöppelmann KAPSTO® caps provide optimal protection during production, storage and transport. Whether for external threads, bolts, pipes and pins – with over 3,000 dimensions, the KAPSTO® standard program provides the perfect protection for outdoor environments. Plastic end caps, pipe protective caps, cover caps and protective sleeves provide your application with bespoke protection according to your needs.

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Gpn 201 Flexible Schutzhuelse Web

GPN 201 (56)

Flexible Protective Caps

Gpn 207 Schutzhuelse Mit Lamellen Web

GPN 207 (7)

Protective Caps with Fins

Gpn 250 Rohrschutzkappen Web

GPN 250 (62)

Protective Caps for Pipes

GPN 384 (2)

HV Connector Covers

GPN 385 (2)

HV Connector Covers

Gpn 400 Gelb Kap Pr

GPN 400 (43)

ECO-Universal Protection

Gpn 401 Natur Kap Pr

GPN 401 (43)

ECO-Universal Protection

Gpn 601 602 Duennwandstopfen Web

GPN 601 (9)

Thin Walled Tapered Closures

Gpn 601 602 Duennwandstopfen Web

GPN 602 (7)

Thin Walled Tapered Closures

Gpn 608 Pr Blue Sto De

GPN 608 PCR-PE, blau (24)

Tapered closure with side tab

Gpn 609 Gelb Pr Kap

GPN 609 (24)

Flexible tapered closure with side tab

Gpn 615 Universalschutzkappe Mit Ringlasche Web

GPN 615 (14)

Universal Protection with Ring Lug

Gpn 620 Universalschutz Web

GPN 620 (35)

Universal Protection

Gpn 695 Schutzabdeckungen Web

GPN 695 (6)

Protective Covers

Gpn 696 Schutzkappe Mit Lasche Web

GPN 696 (4)

Protective Caps with Strap

Gpn 980 Schmiernippelkappen Web

GPN 980 (8)

Grease Nipple Caps

Gpn 985 Schmiernippelkappen Web

GPN 985 (8)

Grease Nippel Caps

Conical caps, interior discs, flexible material or clamping ribs provide the best-possible fitting together with maximum protection. KAPSTO® plastic protective caps are used in a number of industry sectors. Vehicle construction, hydraulics, pneumatics, surface engineering, furniture construction, fluid engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, ancillary industries and many other sectors. Our protective caps and plugs have been optimised to fit the application for which they are intended. Whether you are looking for something robust, low abrasion, temperature-resistant, blow-resistant or providing good sealing characteristics, we have the right protective cap for your every need.

KAPSTO® - plastic protective caps for every application.

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