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Since 1949 the family-owned company of Pöppelmann, with its five production sites and 700 injection moulding machines, thermoforming lines and extruders, has grown into a leading manufacturer in the plastics processing industry. In more than 90 countries people value the quality we offer, “made by Pöppelmann”. Today, the company is divided into four divisions:



Plastic protective caps and plugs
for every application. more



High-precision injected-molded
engineering parts. more



Functional parts and
packaging. more



Products for the professional
horticultural industry. more

About us

A successful family-owned company.

Since its foundation in 1949, Pöppelmann has grown steadily. The 50 m² of space occupied when the company was founded had expanded to 9,145 m² by 1974 – while the company today serves customers in over 90 countries. However, the secret of our success has remained unchanged through the years: fulfilling the wishes and requirements of our customers has always been the sole focus of our efforts. Discover a successful family-run company:


PP Unternehmensfilm Teaser

For those who want to learn more about us: the corporate film of Pöppelmann.


Be a part of progres: Worldwide – and in Lohne.

Join the Pöppelmann team and design your own professional future! We are looking forward to your application!

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Are you looking for new challenges? Become a Pöppelmann employee.more

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Sixty years of success: the Pöppelmann training.more

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Trainee programme

Our trainee programme promises you challenges and support in a demanding environment.more

Trade fairs

Get to know us in person – our next trade fair dates at a glance.

We regularly attend national and international trade fairs. Our trade fair teams look forward to your visit!Our trade fair dates

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Due to the current situation concerning Covid-19, we are currently not actively participating in trade fairs and congresses, in order to protect our employees, customers, etc. As soon as this changes, we will inform you here on the website, via social media or newsletters. You can order our newsletter or follow us on the social media channels to receive information about current fairs and other news.

Corona Info


Latest news on Pöppelmann.

Blog Nachhaltigkeit En

The corona pandemic has shown us how important it is to stand together even in times of crisis. Everyone is called upon to take responsibility and…

Blogartikel Produkt

The masks from Pöppelmann can be used for collaboration at the workplace - as well as for all encounters in everyday life, on buses and trains and…

Against Corona

In regards to the worldwide spread of the Corona virus, concerns and worries about current and future health and business risks are increasing.

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Pöppelmann FAMAC® packaging, made of plastic originating from 100 percent post-consumer recycled material (PCR), was created as part of the…

Blog Rechteckschalen E2 Schale

Innovativ, ressourcenschonend und optisch ansprechend: die FAMAC® 3 in 1 Rechteckschalen für E2 Kisten komplettieren die Ansprüche unserer Verbraucher…

Gpn608 Gpn610 Blauer Engel

With this latest award we start the new year particularly motivated:

Teaser Blog Hoefliche Verpackung

The Pöppelmann FAMAC® tomato bucket with lattice structure provides optimum protection for delicate foodstuffs and material savings of up to 30…

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Nearly every plant pot supplied by us contains recycled plastic. The new TEKU® 4 level classification now clearly defines the material source for each…

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Targeted material savings without loss of performance: through an innovative extension of the FAMAC® universal programme, the resource-saving Reduce+…

Famac Blogbericht Zertifizierung 2019

For all products and services we offer to our customers, we focus on the highest quality. To meet this quality standard, we comply with the demanding…

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The Pöppelmann TEKU® 3D Studio allows you to visualise and check your own design ideas in the blink of an eye.

Blog TEKU GC Planteskole

In our new portrait, Henrik Christensen speaks about his company and how he implements new ideas in a creative way together with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Blog Mdf Coverpot Kraeuter

Thanks to attractive labelling, the innovative Coverpots of the MDF series are real eye-catchers and demonstrably receive extra attention during…

Blog IPM Vorbericht 2019

From 22 to 25 January, we will be presenting our fully recyclable plant pots in the "Recycling Blue" colour, numerous additions to the series,…

Header Kapsto Vorteile

Whether it's on-site consultations, free samples or stock volumes to meet your needs – we make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Header NextDayDelivery PriotityProduction Blog

With our two new service ranges, Priority Production and Next Day Delivery, you can now receive your protective elements even faster.

Blog TEKU PP Blue

Pöppelmann TEKU® plant pots in the new Recycling Blue colour are made of PCR granules and can be easily disposed of in the household recycling bin.

PP KAPSTO BIT X73 Blog Hauptmotiv 01

We now offer a practical new tool for time-saving mounting and removal of our GPN 730 and 735 to 738 standard ranges.

Blog Spezialanfertigung

Fast, safe and efficient: upon request, we develop and produce individual caps and plugs.


Our latest tapered closure with lateral removal tab in the protected tab design is incredibly fast and extremely versatile. How this is possible is…

Blog Messepraesenz Buchmueller

From the 9th to the 12th of July, we present our multifunctional protective caps and plugs for the first time at Russia's largest international…

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Learn more about our innovative self-watering systems, which significantly reduce the amount of watering and care required by plants.

Blog Erweiterung Vertriebsteam Pins Fotos

At your disposal, anywhere in the world: Our sales team is directly on site to provide our international customers with even better active support.

Blog IPM Nachbericht

Numerous product innovations and our resource-saving plant pots made of recycled plastic provided for excellent discussions and a successful start at…

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From 23 to 26 January 2018, our specialist for horticultural products will be presenting numerous new products and innovative solutions, e. g. for the…

Blog Fakuma 2017 Vorbericht

From 17th – 21st October 2017, the plastic specialist is presenting its new solutions from the plastic technology area. This year the main focus will…

Blog Kapsto Gpn 241

In our latest Pöppelmann KAPSTO® film you will learn why the GPN 241 is so tough and why it provides perfect protection for SAE quick connectors.

Blog Kapsto Gpn 802

Find out more about the versatile PE-HD screw cap with sealing disc – watch the new film from Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

PP KAPSTO Messen International

As well as the German trade fairs EVS30 and Fakuma, our KAPSTO® business division will be presenting its high-quality plastic protection caps and…

Blog TEKU PatioPlants

Maurits van den Arend reports about his company, creative ideas and quick implementation thereof with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Blog Evs30 2017

From 9th – 11th October 2017, the two Pöppelmann KAPSTO® and K-TECH® business divisions are presenting new procedures and products in the…

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On 1 July, Sven Hoping took over the sales management at Pöppelmann TEKU®. He follows in the footsteps of Hubert Haskamp.

Blog K TECH Webshop

In our new Protectors4Connectors online shop, you can now order Pöppelmann K-TECH® cable assembly accessories for the protection and attachment of…

Blog Fastlane Sebastianmeyer

Customised protection elements in just one month? Our new FastLane service makes it possible. Learn more now.

Auszeichnung TOP 100

The plastics specialist from Lohne is one of Germany's most innovative medium-sized businesses and was awarded the TOP 100 seal of approval.

Blog GPN212

Learn more about the GPN 212 and discover the many advantages of the heat-resistant pipe end cap. Check out the latest film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

Beitragsbild Gpn265

Reliable, heat-resistant and very flexible: Our latest Pöppelmann KAPSTO® film outlines the additional advantages of GPN 365 that set it apart from…

PP Blog Responsive Website KAPSTO

The new, intuitive product search, an optimised structure and the responsive design provide from now on an even more user-friendly service. Discover…

PP Blog BoB Award

The entertaining Pöppelmann KAPSTO® spots not only captivate the attention of our global customers but also that of the top-class jury at the awards…

Hannovermesse 2017 Messeteam Teaser

We presented our innovative solutions and ideas for the topics Industry 4.0 at the Industrial Supply from April 24 to 28. The trade fair highlight was…

HMI Vorbericht

Our solutions and ideas concerning Industry 4.0 topics like speed, customisation and weight reduction will be at the centre stage. The highlight will…

Responsive Microsite PouchBooster

You can now obtain comprehensive information on our innovative welded spouts and their advantages on our new microsite.

Beitragsbild IPM 2017

The Pöppelmann TEKU® trade show booth presented exciting product innovations and focused on innovative concepts for excellent self-marketing.

Blog IPM 2017 Vorbericht

From 24–27 January, we will be presenting many new products and innovative ideas for self-marketing at the world’s leading horticulture trade show.

Blog Teku Zillmer

With a lot of work and a lot of passion, Beate Zillmer and Reinhard Meier-Zillmer have become pioneers in terms of perennials and grasses.

Teaser Blog Kapsto Gpn300

Find out more about GPN 300 F and GPN 300 V. Watch the new Pöppelmann KAPSTO® film.

FAMAC Einschweiss Ausgiesser Hindernisse Teaser

What actually characterises good and at the same time flexible packaging? All companies looking to sell their products at a profit on the market…

FAMAC Einschweiss Ausgiesser Dreckig Teaser

In recent years the stand-up pouch with spout has developed into a packaging concept that now increasingly replaces cardboard, glass or tin packaging.…

FAMAC Einschweiss Ausgiesser Einheitsbrei Teaser

The customer rarely has the time or the inclination to intensively analyse the flood of products at the point of sale (PoS). The packaging represents…

FAMAC Einschweiss Ausgiesser Chaos Teaser

Regardless of whether they are used for foodstuffs, non-food applications such as pet foods, DIY products, hygiene products, household cleaning agents…

FAMAC Einschweiss Ausgiesser Langsam Teaser

Baby food, energy drinks, soups or even windscreen cleaners in pouches: the demand for flexible stand-up pouch packaging with integral spouts has…

Beitragsbild Messestand Fakuma2015

Interesting discussions, rapid prototyping and the Pöppelmann K-TECH® campaign films particularly impressed trade visitors in Friedrichshafen.

Teaser GPN 610

The GPN 610 protects universally and is extremely conical at the same time. Get to know it: In the new short film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

Blog Teku Dehne

Lars Dehne talks about useful and well thought-out modernisations, individual solutions and long-term collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Teaser GPN 737

Why GPN 737 seals perfectly and is also extremely robust, watch the new film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®. – Watch now!

Blog Story Reinraumproduktion1

When speaking of functional parts and packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, this phrase is not a slogan but rather a crucial difference.

Blogartikel TubeChina

From 26 to 29 September, we will be presenting our versatile protective elements for the first time at the International Trade Fair in Shanghai.

Teaser GPN 215

Multifunctional und very time-saving: Get to know more about the service advantages of GPN 215 in the new Pöppelmann KAPSTO® short movie. Watch now!

Teaser GPN 245

Tailored for SAE Quick Connectors, the GPN 245 seals perfectly. More product benefits are shown in the new film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®. Watch now!

Teku Blog Volmary

Bernd Wenninghoff, Key Account Manager Volmary GmbH, talks about innovative marketing concepts and their good collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Teaser GPN 351

Extremely flexible, yet extremely heat-resistant: Learn about the TPE closure GPN 351. - Check out the new film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

Teaser GPN 308

Entertaining and amusing: Pöppelmann KAPSTO® presents in the new film its product and service benefits. Watch now!

Universal Design1

Christoph Majchszak, product designer at Pöppelmann, takes great care when implementing the international design concept. He designs products in such…

Beitragsbild QIAGEN

First place: The biotechnology company honours Pöppelmann FAMAC® with the “Supplier of the Year” award.


Mike Landwehr, project manager at Pöppelmann FAMAC®, impressed the international audience with his presentation on the advantages of the weld spout.

Messeteam HMI2016

The presentation of the topics Industry 4.0 with Rapid Tooling and our innovative solutions for weight-reduction convinced the interested trade show…

Blog Teku Hartmann

Christian Hartmann reports on his company and the ideas that he is implementing together with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Stubbe Koldehoff2

At the HMI Preview Pöppelmann give a brief introduction on the topics that will be shown by the company at the actual trade show.

Beitragsbild FAMACTeil9

Christoph Majchszak develops innovative packaging designs for Pöppelmann FAMAC®.

Beitragsbild GPN212

The new pipe end caps, which have been specifically developed for pipes with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm, are now available for immediate delivery.

Blog Teku Pellens

Andreas Pellens speaks about hydrangeas and explains what makes the collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU® so special.

Blog Story Reinraumproduktion2

The inconspicuous plastic solution that has become Patrick Keim’s full-time job.

Beitragsbild Unterschied Behrends

In Hall 32, Jan-Otto Behrends ensures that all processes run smoothly. Good teamwork and a clean production are essential to him.

Nachbericht ANUGA Foodtech Beitragsbild1

At the trade fair for filling technology, Pöppelmann FAMAC® convinces visitors with its innovative folding cutlery “foon” and with practical additions…

Famac Kampagne Teil6 Beitragsbild

To meet the highest demands on the cleanliness of plastic components: Clean room production at Pöppelmann FAMAC®.

Beitragsbild Pharmapack

At the trade fair on 11 and 12 February 2015, our team will be presenting technical functional parts and packaging for the medical and pharmaceutical…

Famac Kampagne Teil5 Beitragsbild

When it comes to ensuring a consistent product quality, one can always rely on Jörg Stuckenberg.

Blog Teku Rath02

Verena and Rudolf Rath talk about their family business and the 25 years of cooperation with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Goeffel Verpackungpreis Beitragbild

The innovative concept of the snack cutlery by Pöppelmann FAMAC® convinced the prestigious jury for research, industry, commerce and trade press.

Nachbericht Fakuma Mucell

Among the many interesting discussions taken place, the expert audience was particularly impressed by the MuCell® process, which reduces the weight of…

Standbeutel Tagung

At the symposium, the packaging specialist presented modern weld spouts for stand-up pouches and caps for flexible packaging concepts.

Blog Teku Loercks

Helmut Lörcks, owner of Gartenbau Lörcks in Kevelaer, reveals what a cooperative partnership means to him in the first place.

Pp Composing Cphi

From 7th to 9th October 2014, our team will be exhibiting technical functional parts and packagings for the specialist trade fair visitors in Paris.

Famac Kampagne Teil4 Beitragsbild

When it comes to weld spouts, Eva-Maria Fangmann has everything under control.

Gerdes Beitragsbild

In a new episode, Norbert Gerdes from Pöppelmann FAMAC® introduces In-Mould-Labelling.

Nachbericht Interpack Beitragsbild

Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf was a complete success for Pöppelmann FAMAC®. Many interested visitors were impressed with our numerous highlights, such…

Interpack Teaserbild

Pöppelmann FAMAC ® at the Interpack 2014 – the international trade fair for packaging and processes. And also: the new advertising campaign.

Goeffel Beitragsbilder

Fresh fruit salads and other ready-made snacks can now be enjoyed more comfortably – with “foon”, the general-purpose snack cutlery that is integrated…

E Smart

Here at Pöppelmann we embrace e-mobility.

Sustainability Report 2019

This is how we embrace responsibility. Every single day.

In this report, we demonstrate how we embrace this responsibility within our company – and what aims we want to and must achieve. Translate to EN: Mit Daten und Fakten geben wir auf Grundlage der GRI-Standards Auskunft über die ökonomischen, ökologischen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen unserer Arbeit.

Teaser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Sichere Beschaeftigung

Closed material loop with PÖPPELMANN blue®.

The use of recycled material is a key component of our sustainability strategy. With the PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, we bundle activities throughout the company that aim to promote a recycling economy – for a closed material loop.


Teaser Film Ppblue

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