Staying strong together.

We see ourselves as part of the local community. Just as the region strengthens us, we want to strengthen the region. Our entrepreneurial approach secures jobs and supports the local economy. We thus assume our share of responsibility for the quality of life and future opportunities of the people who live here.

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museum guests at the 1st Pöppelmann Researchers' Sunday

We see this as our contribution to preserving social stability and our democratic community. We want to give back what local structures provide for us: security and solidarity. Our business success is deeply rooted in our close relationship with the local community.

This applies in particular to our headquarters in Lohne – but also throughout the region. That is because we are connected with the local people on many levels – through our employees, our neighbours, our suppliers. All the more so as plastics processing has become one of the leading industries in the Oldenburger Münsterland in recent decades. Today we are the largest employer at our main location in Lohne. We are aware of the responsibility we have, which we factor into all decisions on a daily basis.  

For us, quantitative growth is neither a goal nor an end in itself. Looking to the future, we focus more on the quality of our products. All the steps we take towards the gradual expansion of corporate activities are examined to determine their impact on the local community.

“It is important for the region to be included in the discussion of current topics in the plastics industry.”

Ulrike Hagemeier,
Director of Lohne Industrial Museum

Ulrike Hagemeier, Head of Lohne Industrial Museum

We want to share our success with the local community. Through our social commitment, we want to make a positive contribution to the future perspectives of our region.

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The region remains our foundation.

Even in a global world, we see ourselves as deeply rooted locally at our headquarters in Lohne. This also means that we rely on trusting and reliable business relations and make a conscious effort to maintain business ties in the region.


To good neighbours.

We warmly welcome visits from anyone curious to find out more about us. After all, trust and understanding can only really be developed through face-to-face interaction. This, in turn, forms the basis for lasting good relationships with the people around us, in our town and in our region.


We promote local cohesion.

Joint activities, meetings, discussions, reliable support in difficult situations – all of this promotes a sense of community and thus cohesion amongst the people around us.