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It's good to produce high quality components. 
Even better if they can reduce the weight of your system.

Concept Weight-reduction

From material reduction to organic sheet metal components.

With increasing technical requirements, everything must get lighter. Especially in the automotive industry, light construction plays a decisive role. However, this is also becoming increasingly relevant in other industries. At the latest when operating costs can partially be saved through consistent reduction of the total weight. Strong polymers have become a perfect alternative to conventional plastics.

We carry out our Quick Check, whilst taking the requirements of our customers into consideration. This allows us to assess where to fine tune in order to reduce the total weight of the solution.

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Ways of reducing component weight significantly.

A decisive factor for weight reduction is the material. Especially when it comes to redesigning metal parts in plastic. Every component must be made straight away from the right plastic that matches the material. In addition, the MuCell® and the ProFoam® process allows us to develop solutions that have additional functions with the simultaneous benefit of having reduced weight and cost control. Organic sheets, which can even be combined with MuCell® components, are another future-oriented possibility – for even lighter results.


The right material is what counts.

After analysing the CAD data, we decide on a suitable material. The material must match the design 100 % right from the beginning.

  • Efficient implementation, thanks to existing material and material experiences.
  • Many new materials on the market – Pöppelmann enjoys a good and long-standing supplier relationship with all well-known material manufacturers.
  • FEM calculations (Simulation of load cases/material properties) can be performed in-house.
Material Halter MotorraumHolder motor compartment




Less weight and increased dimensional stability – with MuCell®.

MuCell® is a process to physically foam thermoplastics, which combines technical and economic objectives. Besides weight reduction, it also provides improved dimensional stability of the moulded parts. This also allows sink marks to be reduced.

  • Economical. Production on machines with lower locking force.
  • Reliable. Reproducible machine parameters.
  • Light. Component density reduction.
  • Dimensionally stable. Injected gas ensures reduced distortion.
  • Quick dimensional accuracy. Thanks to additional pressure in the tool.
MuCell1Holder for control devices

ProFoam® - technical functional parts in lightweight construction.

ProFoam® enables fibre-reinforced plastics to be processed without additional shearing. In contrast to other processes, the plastic granulate is pre-enriched with a blowing agent upstream from the injection unit inside a granulate sluice.

  • Multifunctional. No limitation in machine size.
  • Light. Component density reduction.
  • Economical. Expanded range of lightweight design solutions in various sizes..
  • Stable. Highly resilient components due to fibre-reinforced plastics.
  • Flexible. Easy processing of shear-sensitive materials.
  • Practical. Usability of normal screw geometries.
Pp K Tech ProfoamHolder

Injection moulding with organic sheets – more functionality and lighter.

Organic sheets are thermoplastics reinforced with continuous glass fibers. Because of their high strength and stiffness combined with low denisty, they make excellent lightweight construction materials. The organic sheet is heated, formed and trimmed before placing into an injection mold where it is then strengthened. Organic sheets are particularly suitable for flat, large components and applications subject to high mechanical stress, such as vehicle front ends. The ability to integrate assembly features such as bezels and fixing points, benefits you with reduced assembly and logistic operations.

  • Different material strengths and textures available.
  • Good functional integration (interlocking connection to the polymer).
  • Very good combination of different material qualities (rigidity, strength, etc.).
  • Good alternative to modern metal applications.
Organoblech CFO 5765Lightweight, plastic mounting frames and box enclosures for control units made from organic sheets.



Pöppelmann KAPSTO®

Optimal protection for automotive applications.

With our KAPSTO® protection solutions, we offer you optimum protection and maximum process reliability for various automotive applications - from vehicle electrics, engine, fuel management to powertrain and chassis. Discover our range of standards with over 3,000 models available from stock.

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