We deliver products with added value.

Our products and services are hallmarked by the highest quality. This pledge has become a core part of our PPx corporate guidelines. Our customers’ expectations are our quality standard, with this Pöppelmann effect: the principle of understanding the challenges and requirements as our own has always been one of the key factors in our company’s success.

This commitment, which has driven us since the very beginning, now blends seamlessly into our sustainability strategy. After all, a high quality standard is the prerequisite for product solutions that we can stand by in the long term. To achieve the best quality, we question customer requirements from the very beginning of the development phase. We then implement them as the best solution, both economically and ecologically.

Our products have to be safe, environmentally friendly and as innovative as possible in order to meet ever-growing social requirements and constantly increasing market demands – and all at a reasonable price. This is only possible with a meticulously honed quality management system that focuses on the overall organisation and is closely interlinked with other management systems.

We introduced our quality management systems back at the beginning of the 1990s and have continuously developed them since then. Over the years, an integrated management system has emerged. Today’s management system combines the areas of occupation safety, the environment, energy, quality, risk management and compliance with the aim of efficiently implementing the system requirements throughout the company. The goal is to achieve consistent and predictable results in our everyday work effectively and efficiently.


This management system must prove itself every day anew in direct customer contact. The quality-assuring added value we offer our customers includes our multifaceted and comprehensive range of consulting services – right from the very first day of product development. In addition to our customer’s requirements, we incorporate our entire technological and innovative expertise into our analysis in order to find sustainable and long-term responsible solutions. For instance, this also involves considering the possible use of recycled materials right from the outset.

In a global market shaped by price pressure, we see our quality pledge as an opportunity to stand out with the quality and sustainability of our products and brands. Of course, this requires investment in sustainability innovations. Our commitment to sustainability begins with component design and structure and continues throughout the entire production process, including recycling at the end of the product life cycle. It ranges from process optimisations to larger business model innovations.


Eco design examines the entire product life.

The design of a product plays a crucial role in how the product affects the environment. This is why eco design, in accordance with customer requirements, is at the heart of our product design.


Learning for life.

The high expectations we have concerning the quality of our work are inextricably linked to the high value we place on education.


Compliance Management at Pöppelmann

Acting in accordance with the law is a matter of course for us. Every one of us must observe this in all of our tasks – from our apprentices all the way to management.