01 MQA 10x10x11 Pr
02 10x10x11 Pr
01 MQA 10x10x11 Pr
02 10x10x11 Pr
TEKU® product range

Square Pots – Series MQA

Rapid growth, healthy plants, outstanding machinability – Pöppelmann TEKU® is not only characterised by the leading product range, but also offers the optimal solution for your culture with the MQA series. And thanks to its exceptional product availability, Pöppelmann TEKU® is always your reliable partner, even in the heat of the season. We would be happy to send you a free sample from the MQA series. Our TEKU® service team is waiting to assist you on +49 4442 982-321 or at teku@poeppelmann.com, or you can contact us directly using our contact form.

Looking closer pays off.

The TEKU® Added Values of the MQA-series

“A product is just a product?” Not with Pöppelmann TEKU®: discover TEKU® AddedValues. Fast watering and drainage and optimum pot machine properties – these small details are often what makes a big difference. In other words: precision work. This is a decisive factor for the quality of the TEKU® plant pots. And it’s the decisive factor for something else: your success. – Take advantage of the TEKU® AddedValues and discover what makes the MQA truly exceptional.

Piktogramm BestePflanzen
Better Plants.

120 0

Reduced cultivation time

Rapid growth and healthy plants due to ideal watering and drainage.

Piktogramm MaximaleEffizienz
Maximum efficiency.

380 0

Maximum stability

With no mounting feet, the pots are more stable on conveyor belts.

Piktogramm EffektiveRessourcen
Effective Sustainability.

501 0

Use of recycled materials

Careful preparation and intensive use of recycled plastics.

10 x 10 4.0000000000000000 x 4.000000000000000011 4.25000000000000000.69 l1.45 pt (687 ml)
Item*DiameterHeightVolume*Corresponding trays
15 x 15 6.0000000000000000 x 6.000000000000000020 7.75000000000000003.5 l3.47 qt (3.29 l)
Item*DiameterHeightVolume*Corresponding trays
28 28 18676
*Pieces per carton*carton per Palette*Pieces per Palette (loose)
Item*Pieces per carton*carton per PalettePieces per Palette*Pieces per Palette (loose)
130 (Nets)
65 (Nets) 65 (Nets) 8450
*Pieces per carton*carton per Palette*Pieces per Palette (loose)
Item*Pieces per carton*carton per PalettePieces per Palette*Pieces per Palette (loose)

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More resource-saving

100 % Recyclable Plant Pot, Plastic Content 100 % Recycled.

Environmental and climate protection becomes more and more important for the end consumer. And the topic of resource conservation is important to us as well. Therefore the plastics used for our plant pots in the Circular blue colour comes directly out of the recycling bin, the recycling bag or other domestic recyclable collections where it ends up again. This allows for a closed raw material loop. We call this initiative PÖPPELMANN blue®.

Teku Recycling Blue Muellsack

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