Elegant decoration: the innovative planters of the MDF series.

The coverpots of the MDF series are a brand new series of pots. Thanks to attractive labelling, our new pots are a real eye-catcher and attract extra attention in the retail environment. Coverpots are produced with the in-mould labelling (IML) process. In this process the label is attached to the pot during moulding. After the injection moulding process, the label and the pot become an inseparable unit. This guarantees a long-lasting and high-quality appearance. The new series is available ex stock in various designs. Of course we can also develop your own label ideas to create bespoke eye-catchers.

Bildklinke Waterwick Coverpots
Optimum irrigation: A water reservoir in the Coverpot collects excess irrigation water. When used together with the Water-Wick-Stick, it minimises watering and care requirements.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Individual design.
  • Motifs available for MDF 7 to MDF 19.
  • Perfect fit for various pot series.
  • Minimum order quantity just 1 carton.
  • Optimum irrigation.
  • Reduced irrigation and care requirements due to the Waterwick™ Stick.

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MDF series of Coverpots

High-quality decoration: the innovative planters in the MDF series.

Slider Coverpots Universell1

Motif “Universal” (1)

Slider Coverpots Universell2

Motif “Universal” (2)

Slider Coverpots Universell3

Motif “Universal” (3)

Slider Coverpots Universell4

Motif “Universal” (4)

Slider Coverpots Universell5

Motif “Universal” (5)

Slider Coverpots Universell6

Motif “Universal” (6)

Slider Coverpots Universell7

Motif “Universal” (7)

Slider Coverpots Universell8

Motif “Universal” (8)

Slider Coverpots Universell9

Motif “Universal” (9)

Slider Coverpots Universell11

Motif “Universal” (11)

Slider Coverpots Universell12

Motif “Universal” (12)

Slider Coverpots Valentinstag1

Motif “For your loved ones” (1)

Slider Coverpots Valentinstag2

Motif “For your loved ones” (2)

Slider Coverpots Valentinstag3

Motif “For your loved ones” (3)

Slider Coverpots Valentinstag4

Motif “For your loved ones” (4)

Slider Coverpots Muttertag1

Motif “For your loved ones” (5)

Slider Coverpots Muttertag2

Motif “For your loved ones” (6)

Slider Coverpots Kraeuter1

Motif “Herbe” (1)

Slider Coverpots Kraeuter2

Motif “Herbe” (2)

Slider Coverpots Kraeuter3

Motif “Herbe” (3)

Slider Coverpots Ostern1

Motif “Easter” (1)

Slider Coverpots Ostern2

Motif “Easter” (2)

Slider Coverpots Ostern3

Motif “Easter” (3)

Slider Coverpots Ostern4

Motif “Easter” (4)

Slider Coverpots Weihnachten1

Motif “Christmas” (1)

Slider Coverpots Weihnachten2

Motif “Christmas” (2)

Slider Coverpots Weihnachten3

Motif “Christmas” (3)

Slider Coverpots Weihnachten4

Motif “Christmas” (4)

Slider Coverpots Weihnachten5

Motif “Christmas” (5)

Slider Coverpots Ostern4

Motif „Christmas“ (6)

Slider Coverpots Weihnachten7

Motif “Christmas” (7)

Slider Coverpots Herbst1

Motif “Halloween & autumn” (1)

Slider Coverpots Herbst2

Motif “Halloween & autumn” (2)

Slider Coverpots Herbst3

Motif “Halloween & autumn” (3)

Slider Coverpots Herbst4

Motif “Halloween & autumn” (4)

More options – for your success.
Teaser Bedruckung Etikettierung

Fast service and high quality printing - the small details are often what makes a big difference. In other words: precision work. This is crucial for the print quality on plant pots. And it is decisive for something else too: your success. more

Teaser Marketingtrays

They draw attention: Growers have always given importance to the successful marketing of their own plants. We have therefore developed new marketing trays that are aimed at the presentation of printed and coloured plant pots – for optimal visibility of the pot design. more


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