Clever watering systems by Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Learn more about our innovative self-watering systems, which significantly reduce the amount of watering and care required by plants.

When it comes to the development of our extensive product range, we always focus on our customers' requirements – for solutions that deliver genuine added-value. We don't just foresee the handling of plants in the nursery but we also keep in mind the needs of retailers and consumers alike, because we are committed to simplifying our customers' daily work. A good example of our excellent development work is our two innovative watering systems, which reduce the amount of watering and care required by plants – for extended durability and even better quality.

The wick makes the difference: the Waterwick™ System.

Using the Waterwick™ Systems is easy: a wick is inserted together with the stick from underneath the plant pot. This is then placed into a MDF Coverpot, which is filled with water. The inner edge of the Coverpot creates a cavity between the cultivation pot and the closed pot bottom and thus acts as a practical water storage. The wick absorbs water from the reservoir to ensure that the plant always has the optimal amount of water. The plant decides for itself when and how much water to absorb. In our short film, you will learn, how easy it is to use the Waterwick™ stick.

The Qwick™ System – for optimum watering cycles.

The Qwick™ System is another self-watering system, which allows you to increase the time between the watering intervals for each individual plant and with little effort. A fleece is placed into the planter and the plant pot is simply placed on top. Now, when the plant is watered, it will take just the amount of water it needs without intervention. The advantage: plants stay healthy for longer and less wastage. If you would like to the see the clever Qwick™ System for yourself, why not watch our film?

Take advantage of our well thought-out self-watering systems. If you want to learn more about them, take a look here. We would also be happy to send you a free sample, without obligation.