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Perfect production presentation with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Well thought out and innovative ideas for cultivation pots increase product awareness and provide a perfect sales promotion. If gardeners come to us with special wishes, we do everything we can to find a solution. In addition to the leading product range, you can rely on us as a partner for perfect printing on pots and containers. Excellent self-marketing is a great way for gardeners to distinguish their own product from others in the market.

The study

Profitable: the Success Booster.

What do customers actually look out for when buying plants? The study “Success Booster” will show you how to achieve a real competitive edge and increase your prices with well thought out marketing concepts. Download the study for free now!

  • First class arguments for expressive self-marketing.
  • Fascinating insights thanks to state-of-the-art eye tracking.
  • Descriptive interviews with end users.
  • Profitable design stimuli.
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Our proven solutions.

Improve your sales with first-class printed plant pots and innovative cover pots!  For an optimal visibility of the pot design, we have also developed the appropriate marketing trays. Keep your plants fresh for longer with clever watering systems.


Outshining appearance: First class printed or labelled plant pots.

Fast service and high quality printing - the small details are often what makes a big difference. In other words: precision work. This is crucial for the print quality on plant pots. And it is decisive for something else too: your success.

Teaser Composing Bedruckung Etikettierung

More successful sales: with the new trays in the PT range.

They draw attention: Growers have always given importance to the successful marketing of their own plants. We have therefore developed new marketing trays that are aimed at the presentation of printed and coloured plant pots – for optimal visibility of the pot design.

Teaser Tray Freigestellt

Elegant decoration: the innovative planters of the MDF series.

The Coverpots are produced using the in-mould labelling (IML) process which fuses label and pot into one inseparable, permanent unit. Of course, you can also implement your ideas as a label for our Coverpots and turn them into real eye-catchers.

Teaser Coverpot Weiss

Two ways. One goal: longer flowering plants.

With the watering systems by Pöppelmann TEKU® you can significantly reduce the amount of watering and care required by your plants. One advantage your customers will truly like.

Teaser Bewaesserungssysteme

Colourful eye-catchers: Plant pots and hanging baskets in trendy colours.

Colourful products for more attention: With the colourful round pots and hanging baskets in the latest colours, your plants turn into real eye-catchers. They are available in different sizes and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Teaser Trendfarben Freigestellt

Individual 3D models – for impressive presentations.

Brilliant printed pots and containers support the level of awareness of your products sustainably while promoting sales. However, developing appealing and innovative designed plant pots is not only a highly creative process but also a very complex one. Besides aesthetical aspects, even technical parameters must be considered.

Bildklinke 3D Studio 1 TEKU

Good ideas, perfectly implemented.

Marketing concepts pursue diverse goals. Whether the focus is on the brand, the region or the plant, it depends entirely on the target group to be reached. Check out the concepts of our customers which have been already successfully implemented and inspire yourself.


Slidershow Geier

Slidershow Ggf

Slidershow Peschl

Slidershow Hortus

5 Mutz

6 Schliereth

7 Loewer

8 Mertin

9 Hupp

10 Jaeger

11 Adams

12 Wiedermann


Slidershow Alpentunie

Slidershow Hyacinthus

3 Regional

4 Gewochsn

5 Mecklenburg

6 Straelen

7 Lagerhaus

8 Hier

9 Norden

10 Schweizer

11 Geranien

12 Deerns


Slidershow MuscariSch

Slidershow NarcissusSch

Slidershow Narcissus

Slidershow Muscari

5 Perlagonium

6 Perlagonium2

7 Tomate

8 Fleischtomate

9 Cocktailtomate

10 Studentenblume

11 Hornveilchen

12 Geranie


Slidershow PlantJoy

Slidershow Springbell

Slidershow Bauernorchidee

4 Confettigarden

5 Flowerpower

6 Toscana

7 Chef

8 Trixi

9 Moonlight

10 Fruehlingsflirt

12 SunnySideUp

13 Pink Kisses

15 RedChip

16 Cupcakes

17 Potunia

18 Kiepenkerl Bio

19 Cottagedreams

20 Marathonflowers

21 Garten

22 Blumenland

23 Beautyladies

24 Gardengirls


Slidershow Dahlinova

Slidershow Viola

Slidershow Frittilaria

Slidershow Dahlina

Slidershow Better

6 Instant


Slidershow Living

Slidershow Recycle

Slidershow OhneGen

Slidershow Opale

Slidershow Einfach

6 Kisses

Customer testimonials.

Meet some well-known people in the horticultural industry who benefit from our products and services every day. In individual profiles these growers talk about their professional journey, their love for their career, what they enjoy about their work and their successful collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Videoteaser VandenArend
Videoteaser Rath
Videoteaser Volmary

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