Pellens Hortensien: The successful specialisation of a family business.

Andreas Pellens speaks about hydrangeas and explains what makes the collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU® so special.

Andreas Pellens' passion for hydrangeas started from his very first breath: at this point in time, his father bought his first 3,000 cuttings and thus laid the foundations for the success story of the family business "Pellens Hortensien" in Geldern/Germany. After three generations, the once purely agricultural business has evolved into an international business specialised in hydrangeas. Andreas and Hans-Gerd Pellens supply nurseries and horticultural businesses. Especially hydrangea raw material is delivered by truck, ship or plane from Geldern/Germany across Europe, in the Near and Middle East and even in Asian countries.

The success of the family business is based on a sophisticated marketing concept and plenty of love for the own product. State-of-the cultivation technology, solar panels on the roof, the use of green power and optimised workflows are just a few characteristics of the company – its most remarkable aspect is the family atmosphere and friendly way in which all employees are treated. Hans-Gerd Pellens is responsible for personnel management. He is always there for his employees with active support and lends them an ear: He listens carefully and spares a lot of time to answer their questions. Thanks to his experience, he always has many tips and tricks ready at hand.

The hydrangea has become an essential and indispensable part of the Pellens' life. In order to widely spark people's enthusiasm for these lushly blooming plants, the Pellens are planning a public hydrangea garden: Around 3,000 to 4,000 different varieties and species will be planted on the spacious plot. The garden shall be opened to the public as soon as they are fully grown, in about 3 to 5 years' time.

Drawing attention to the exceptional.

In addition to the extensive standard range, Pellens Hortensien supplies its customers with three own brands: "Hortensia", "You and Me" and "Everbloom" hydrangeas. A sophisticated marketing concept – ranging from an eye-catching truck to customised packaging – and excellent product quality is what makes the company in Geldern/Germany so successful. "We do everything to highlight the exceptional quality of our product", says Andreas Pellens. He also keeps a constant eye on improvement and optimisation. This is also what his company has in common with Pöppelmann TEKU®: To make products even better, more attractive and thus more interesting for customers. For instance, the new Coverpot series is very popular with his customers. Varying motifs oriented on themes or seasons generate more sales. In addition to that, the WickStick, which is optionally available with the Coverpots, offers his customers a genuine added value. This "invisible" wick protrudes into the water and provides the plants with a steady supply of water – users love the reduced watering frequency. Thanks to the Coverpot, both producers and retailers also gain additional security when transporting and selling the plants.

The great collaboration with the family business from Lohne/Germany, says Andreas Pellens, has always been very reliable and it is primarily due to optimal product quality and innovative ideas. He describes the collaboration with Pöppelmann in one word as "Exceptional"!

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