“I am a GPN 737.”

Why GPN 737 seals perfectly and is also extremely robust, watch the new film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®. – Watch now!

GPN 737 and our KAPSTO® employee Stefan Bünnemeyer: What the two have in common, you can see in the new KAPSTO® short film.


Extremely resilient and very robust: GPN 737.

GPN 737 is suitable for female threads according to DIN 3852-1 , DIN ISO 6149-1 and also seals properly: the encircling sealing lip and the o-ring prevent the ingress and egress of liquids. This plug is also ideally suitable for increased sealing requirements, for example, for unprocessed sealing faces, high process temperatures, long process times or higher internal component pressure. In addition, the GPN 737 manufactured from high-quality, impact-resistant polyamide is very robust and highly resilient.


As robust: the Pöppelmann KAPSTO® sales team.

Due to their long experience and extensive product knowledge, Stefan Bünnemeyer and the entire sales team of Pöppelmann KAPSTO® can draw on all the resources, contacts and more than 60 years of experience of the entire company. From expert application consulting over free samples to individual quotations.

The entire standard program can be found in our KAPSTO® catalogue – Download now or call us at: +49 4442 982-9166. Stefan Bünnemeyer and the entire KAPSTO® sales team are looking forward to you!

We do it.