“I am a GPN 212.”

Learn more about the GPN 212 and discover the many advantages of the heat-resistant pipe end cap. Check out the latest film by Pöppelmann KAPSTO®.

The GPN 212 and our planner Claudia Holtz-Küpker share a similarity. What is it? Find out:


Flexible protection for fuel pipes: the GPN 212.

Specially developed for pipes with a diameter of 8 to 11.2 mm, the heat-resistant pipe end caps protect the pipes from contamination during transport and shield the coating of the ball bushing at the end of the pipe. The GPN 212 is made of very flexible plastic (TPE) which adapts perfectly to the individual contour of each ball bushing. The ergonomic removal tab also enables easy and quick installation and removal.


At least as quick: the Pöppelmann KAPSTO® planning team.

Claudia Holtz-Küpker and our entire inside sales team team give you detailed advice about the appropriate protective elements of our extensive KAPSTO® standard or special range and provide fast order coordination. Even if you require free and non-binding samples for testing, Claudia and her team will be happy to assist you with advice. Please use our sample request form or simply give us a call: +49 (0) 4442 982-9100.

We do it.