Christian Hartmann: Charming ideas, made in Bavaria.

Christian Hartmann reports on his company and the ideas that he is implementing together with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Christian Hartmann knew what his career aspirations were at an early age: He wanted to become a grower – just like his father and grandfather. To this day, the successful entrepreneur from Bavaria's Münster am Lech has never for a single moment regretted this decision. The initial focus on young plants was expanded early on to include herbs – and with great success. This is because Christian Hartmann was on the right track as he started producing and selling vegetable plants and various herbs. Christian Hartmann started with around 4,000 to 5,000 sqm surface area for cultivating the plants – the Bavarian company now covers a usable area of about 11 hectares. High demand together with Hartmann's own demands on quality were and are essential for the rapid growth of the company.

The mix makes it work: True handicraft and technical innovations.

Christian Hartmann relies on technical support during production. He has, for example, a fully automated transportation system which picks up the plants and uses a transport crane to place them into the rows. This allows large quantities to be "moved" in a very short time. Christian Hartmann relies on technology for order picking as well. He uses Tablet PCs to pack the right orders together and record and log them on an online portal, while sending the required shipping documents at the same time.

But of course this is not possible without some manual work. The 600 to 800 containers holding the around 30,000 to 40,000 plants, put together by the employees on a good day, are packed by hand. The "preliminary work", such as correcting mistakes, is also done manually. – With a great deal of diligence, Bavarian serenity, and even more passion.

"Reliability and continuity" are particularly important to Christian Hartmann in customer relationships.

Christian Hartmann also places high demands on his suppliers. And naturally also on Pöppelmann TEKU®. This is because the plant pots which he uses must always be of high quality. And that's not all: He has been using individually printed plant pots for a long time in order to bring his vegetable plants and herbs to the attention of the consumer. The best example of one of his successful marketing concepts: The big seller "Red Scorpion", a red pepper in its own uniquely printed pot. The "cocktail mint" was also a great success. Christian Hartmann has been relying on the innovative ideas of Pöppelmann TEKU® for many years both for his developments and for their professional implementation. The 20 years of collaboration with the family enterprise in Lohne has always been reliable and fair – in the typical Bavarian style. Or in a word: "Ideal!".

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