Marketing concepts

Above all, good ideas deserve one thing: perfect implementation.

Customer-oriented and competent: Thanks to fast service and the most modern printing methods, Pöppelmann TEKU® meets your individual needs spot on every time and in the best quality. We have the necessary expertise for your concept under one roof. Whether you already have a clear idea or just a rough idea - we'll help you increase your sales. Our comprehensive service guarantees a quick and easy implementation of your design requirements. Even for shorter runs, we will support you in a flexible and simple manner with our innovative TEKU® FLEX + printing process. Because only a first class printed plant pot rounds off a coherent marketing concept. Get in contact with us. We provide you with advice and support.

Good ideas, perfectly implemented.

Marketing concepts pursue diverse goals. Whether the focus is on the brand, the region or the plant, it depends entirely on the target group to be reached. Check out the concepts of our customers which have been already successfully implemented and inspire yourself.


Slidershow Geier

Slidershow Ggf

Slidershow Peschl

Slidershow Hortus

5 Mutz

6 Schliereth

7 Loewer

8 Mertin

9 Hupp

10 Jaeger

11 Adams

12 Wiedermann


Slidershow Alpentunie

Slidershow Hyacinthus

3 Regional

4 Gewochsn

5 Mecklenburg

6 Straelen

7 Lagerhaus

8 Hier

9 Norden

10 Schweizer

11 Geranien

12 Deerns


Slidershow MuscariSch

Slidershow NarcissusSch

Slidershow Narcissus

Slidershow Muscari

5 Perlagonium

6 Perlagonium2

7 Tomate

8 Fleischtomate

9 Cocktailtomate

10 Studentenblume

11 Hornveilchen

12 Geranie


Slidershow PlantJoy

Slidershow Springbell

Slidershow Bauernorchidee

4 Confettigarden

5 Flowerpower

6 Toscana

7 Chef

8 Trixi

9 Moonlight

10 Fruehlingsflirt

12 SunnySideUp

13 Pink Kisses

15 RedChip

16 Cupcakes

17 Potunia

18 Kiepenkerl Bio

19 Cottagedreams

20 Marathonflowers

21 Garten

22 Blumenland

23 Beautyladies

24 Gardengirls


Slidershow Dahlinova

Slidershow Viola

Slidershow Frittilaria

Slidershow Dahlina

Slidershow Better

6 Instant


Slidershow Living

Slidershow Recycle

Slidershow OhneGen

Slidershow Opale

Slidershow Einfach

6 Kisses


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