PÖPPELMANN blue® trade fair highlight: fully recyclable plant pots for a closed material cycle

Lohne, July 2019 – Pöppelmann TEKU®, specialist in plastic products for commercial horticulture, presents a wide range of fully recyclable plant pots at the Four Oaks Trade Show 2019 in Cheshire, UK. They were developed as part of the PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, with which the Lohne-based Pöppelmann Group is deeply committed to achieving a closed material cycle. The product portfolio presented at the Four Oaks Trade Show includes some of the most common series from the Pöppelmann TEKU® range.

VCG, VCH, VCK and VTG plant pot series – now also made of Pöppelmann PCR

Last year, Pöppelmann TEKU® launched the first fully recyclable plant pots made of Pöppelmann PCR in the colour “Recycling Blue”. Since then, the range has experienced continuous growth. At the Four Oaks Trade Show 2019, the plastics specialist will present the most common VCG, VCH, VCK and VTG series, which are now also available in the post-consumer recycled plastic. The plastic used for this comes entirely from the recyclable waste collection by Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland (DSD). After use, the plant pots are returned to the recyclable waste collection, thus achieving a closed material cycle at one and the same level of the value chain.

The PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative: plastics specialist embraces responsibility

Through the PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative, the plastics specialist Pöppelmann bundles the activities of all business divisions throughout the company that are aimed at driving forward a closed material cycle. Pöppelmann managing director Matthias Lesch highlights: “As one of the leading companies in the plastics processing industry, we recognise our huge responsibility to make our processes and products as environmentally friendly as possible throughout the entire life cycle, from their development through usage all the way to recycling. Meeting this responsibility with solutions that simultaneously fulfil the requirements of our customers and offer cost-effectiveness is the biggest challenge that faces us and our sector.” The fully recyclable plant pots developed by Pöppelmann TEKU® are among the first market-ready products from the Pöppelmann Group that were developed as part of the PÖPPELMANN blue® initiative.

Pöppelmann TEKU® at the Four Oaks Trade Show 2019 in Cheshire, UK: Booth D112-114.

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