Gartenbau Rath: A successful family story from Bavaria.

Verena and Rudolf Rath talk about their family business and the 25 years of cooperation with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

As a skilled grower, Rudolf Rath has managed to turn the small vegetable garden of his parents into a successful family business. The focus lies on the wholesale production, with the aim to supply businesses outside the sector, such as home improvement stores or supermarkets. Strong demand, combined with the family business's high commitment to quality were both crucial for its rapid growth. Meanwhile, the business has reached its third generation and a wide variety of ornamental crops are now grown for commercial and private customers on 10,000 m² of glass-houses and 20,000 m² of polytunnels. The daughter, Verena Rath has been active in the business since 2007 and wishes to carry on leading the company, much to the delight of her father.

A true family business with a diverse and individual range of plants.

Verena Rath and her mother Evelyne enjoy working with the plants. "At the time of picking, you finally get to see what you have produced," says Verena Rath. And the range of plants is huge. When it comes to marketing, plant and pot must be in perfect harmony with each other. The delivered goods must be as individual as the receiving customer. New bold ways are also pursued when it comes to, for example, plant mixes. The company is well known for this, which sets it apart from the competition.

Quality from Bavaria – and from Lohne.

The nursery also asks equally high standards of its suppliers. Including Pöppelmann TEKU® the plant pots must, of course, always be of high quality. Consistent shape and strength are important factors that ensure delivery of two million plants per year. And when it comes to professionally implementing print designs for different marketing concepts on the pot, Pöppelmann TEKU® is our first point of contact.

"No wish goes unfulfilled", says Verena Rath. TEKU® turns any idea for a pot into an independent design and then put it into production specifically for the Rath family. In a word, Verena and Rudolf Rath describe the 25-year collaboration with Pöppelmann as "Individual!".

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