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Successful cultivation with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

What really matters to any growers? Beautiful, healthy plants that ensure successful cultivation in the long term. Pöppelmann TEKU® products are designed to create the best-possible conditions to achieve such success, from ideal watering and drainage to the use of high-coverage paints to protect the roots. Try out our products for yourself and together we’ll increase your success.

Intelligent solutions for healthy plant growth.

The quality of plants depends on good watering and drainage and therefore on maximum ventilation of the sensitive roots. That’s why we’ve developed individual solutions for every cultivation which support these factors, contributing positively to the success of the cultivation.

Pots and containers

The best plants thanks to ingenious base designs.

From optimised overflow domes and our patented multi-hole profile bottoms to a water reservoir for excess irrigation water (MDF series). Innovative base designs with up to four ventilation levels ensure rapid, complete watering and drainage with maximum ventilation. Not only are your plants evenly supplied with water and nutrients, but the work involved in watering and plant care can also be significantly reduced.

Toepfe Und Container

Water evenly - even during transport.

At Pöppelmann TEKU we think beyond the point of delivery of the plants at the market garden to include the needs of businesses and consumers as well. For example, the precision-stamped overflow openings and water channels in our cultivation and transport trays ensure that plants are watered evenly at all times, even during transport.

Watering systems

Two ways. One goal: longer flowering plants.

With the watering systems by Pöppelmann TEKU® you can significantly reduce the amount of watering and care required by your plants. One advantage your customers will truly like. Waterwick™ is a self-watering system for plants. The wick makes the difference – it absorbs water from a reservoir to ensure that the plant always has the optimal amount of water. The plant decides for itself when and how much water to take. The Qwick™ System allows you to increase watering intervals quickly and conveniently. Your plants stay healthy for longer, your wastage reduces, your sales figures grow and your customers are satisfied.


The quicker way to more healthy plants.

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TEKU® shortens cultivation times.

Whether pot, tray or growing pallet: Our well thought-out floor constructions not only ensure healthy plant growth through maximum ventilation, ideal irrigation and drainage and optimum nutrient uptake, but also significantly faster.

Mehr Aus Kultur

With TEKU® you get more from your cultivation.

Thanks to the high-coverage paints used in their manufacture, TEKU® pots and trays are lightproof. This means the roots are protected against interference or damage and failure rates are minimised.

Customer testimonials.

Meet some well-known people in the horticultural industry who benefit from our products and services every day. In individual profiles these growers talk about their professional journey, their love for their career, what they enjoy about their work and their successful collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

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