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Improve efficiency easily with Pöppelmann TEKU.  

Growers are under continuous pressure to optimise their processes and become more successful. Pöppelmann TEKU® products help ensure that your business runs more efficiently. From fewer breakdowns thanks to optimum machinability to reduced transport costs due to more effective use of space, we work closely with professionals in the horticultural industry to develop solutions that meet user requirements in full and which offer genuine added value - all to help you be more successful.

More efficiently production.

The automated cultivation of plants means that growers today must be sure that the pots and trays they use pass through every stage of production efficiently. That is why at Pöppelmann TEKU® we place particular importance on intelligent product design.

Trouble-free destacking

The perfect conditions for automated production.

Whether pot, tray or cultivation tray, reliable spacing between stacks and high lateral stability are essential for trouble-free destacking.TEKU® products feature ingenious details such as pronounced shoulder indents, externally located stacking bars, evenly shaped contours and our patented bevelled edges. Together, these ensure that pots and trays can be separated more quickly and easily and don’t become deformed in the magazines, even when side pressure is applied. Try them out for yourself!

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Better handling

Secure stacking, safe handling.

Pronounced shoulders and stable edges ensure reliable pick-up of our plant pots by modern set-down and positioning machines. The pots are better positioned on the forks and cannot fall from them during transport. At the same time, TEKU® pots with their non-sharp cut edges are especially user-friendly. The same applies to our trays which have a stable soft edge that considerably reduces the risk of injury when they are carried. Try them out for yourself!

Maximum stability

Our pots transport perfectly, even without substrate.

Whether on conveyor belts, grid tables or wire mesh, our plant pots make a great impression in every situation. This is made possible either by special arrangement of the stacking feet or by doing without them. And always in combination with the appropriate base designs, the patented reinforced multi-hole profile bottoms, additional centre bars (MCP series) or asymmetrically arranged drainage channels (MCM and MCO series). Try them out for yourself!

Lower transport costs

Higher load levels thanks to optimised dimensions.

The special design of our pots ensures secure, space-saving packaging in trays and on CC containers. At the same time our transport and cultivation trays offer an improved fit. Together, this enables higher loads and better utilisation of CC shelves,  both within the business and when shipping.


Customer testimonials.

Meet some well-known people in the horticultural industry who benefit from our products and services every day. In individual profiles these growers talk about their professional journey, their love for their career, what they enjoy about their work and their successful collaboration with Pöppelmann TEKU®.

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Videoteaser Boes Nehnes
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Stay informed more efficiently.

Whether current inventory figures, the ideal TEKU® solution for your cultivation or the next trade fair dates, we have the right offer for every situation so that you get the information you require faster. Try them out for yourself!

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