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Using energy efficiently.

Every day, we strive to improve energy efficiency and develop measures to reduce our energy consumption. Since the introduction of the environmental management system in 1996, we have been actively and intensively committed to the issues of energy efficiency and energy saving. We want to align our work with both economic and ecological responsibility for the future.

The challenge here is to simultaneously guarantee the quality of our products whilst meeting the requirements of production and workplaces and saving energy.

In order to achieve this, we work as a team and uphold open communication across all levels. The technical director assumes responsibility for the environmental management system.

We use our annual Environmental Statement Companies use their environmental statement to present their environmental management system. Within the framework of EMAS EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is a voluntary environmental management and audit initiative developed by the European Union. closeEMAS, Pöppelmann has been openly communicating its environmental protection activities since 1996. closeEnvironmental Statement to openly report on our energy-related performance.

We organise our processes for efficient and resource-saving energy consumption within the framework of certified energy management as per DIN EN ISO 50001. Key aspects here are the internal and external review, performance indicator monitoring and the implementation of measures.

One core starting point for increasing efficiency is the optimisation of energy consumption by our plant technology. We also evaluate the energy consumption of existing equipment and take advantage of possible optimisation measures.

The following projects have already been successfully implemented:

Energy monitoring
In order to record our energy consumption, we have installed a large number of measuring points, which we continuously monitor. This makes it possible to analyse and evaluate energy consumption, identify key users and develop figures. A control centre has been set up to record current energy data and equipment statuses and transfer relevant data to Production. This information can be seen by employees on monitors.

Reduction of waste heat losses
In order to reduce waste heat losses, we have installed insulation on existing refrigeration and heating equipment as well as on production machinery.

Heat recovery systems
We use heat recovery systems on our air compressors to reduce primary energy demand for heating. We also use heat pumps for the simultaneous generation of process cooling and heat for heating purposes.

Intelligent system control
Our plant technology is controlled by intelligent control technology in line with requirements. System status and energy consumption are recorded and presented in process visualisations.

LED lighting
We continuously update our lighting. This enables us to achieve better illumination with lower energy consumption.

We have converted to electromobility for inter-plant transport and some company vehicles.

Development of energy consumption [MWh]

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