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Every single person is important to us.

For us, it is long-term success that matters. At the heart of our future sustainability lies the dedication of over 2,500 employees worldwide. During the report period, a total of 2,275 of them (as of December 2018) worked in the three plants at our headquarters in Lohne/Germany and Holdorf plant. Our employees can count on fair working conditions, both on the basis of applicable legal standards and within the framework of employment and internal company agreements.

We offer our employees long-term planning security. A total of 81 percent of staff members at the four plants in Germany are employed on the basis of permanent contracts. We do not employ leased or contract workers. Everyone who works at Pöppelmann is employed by Pöppelmann. To cope with order peaks, we work together with local companies for assembly work. A condition of such collaboration is contractual assurance that all legal requirements, such as the minimum wage, are met. Members of our works council actively help to shape the framework conditions for our work and act as committed negotiating partners for management. Twice a year the management is required to report at a meeting convened by the works council.

The working time of employees is recorded with the help of working time accounts and can be flexibly structured in many areas within the framework of legal regulations. Striking the right balance between work and family has always been of huge important to us.

The excellent working conditions at Pöppelmann are reflected in the many years of company loyalty clocked up by numerous staff members. From March 2018 to March 2019, 15 colleagues celebrated 40 years of working with us while 17 more reached their 25-year anniversary. Their combined total of 1,025 'Pöppelmann years of service' also bear testament to the experience and expertise that our customers and business partners can rely on.


Years of experience and competence
(combined length of service of all
employees in
December 2018)


Average time at company in years.


Average age
of all employees in years.

Employee satisfaction is a great asset at Pöppelmann.

Only if employees know that their work is appreciated and that they will be supported even during difficult times can we meet our high standards of product quality and guarantee them to our customers. Every team in our company is faced with huge challenges every day. With comprehensive, voluntary benefits that far exceed the statutory minimum requirements, Pöppelmann aims to demonstrate its respect for the work of its employees.

Alongside a wide range of training and healthcare provisions and the aforementioned working conditions, this includes contributing to childcare costs for daycare and holiday clubs, special leave for specific events and work anniversaries and family allowances for the relatives of deceased employees. In addition, subsidised company catering including the freshly prepared Pöppelmann salads and muesli have always been a matter of course in our company. The close ties we have with our employees are also reflected in the gifts we give to those celebrating work anniversaries and apprentices upon successful graduation. Additional gifts are distributed in the company’s offices and production halls to mark many other occasions, from Christmas to International Women’s Day. Our joy at the birth of a colleague’s child is also expressed through a gift, as is as our gratitude to employees who are retiring. Like everyone celebrating a work anniversary, we honour such employees at our grand annual company event.

Of course, even after retirement, we do not lose our connection to our former colleagues – not only do we continue to invite them to all of our company celebrations, but we also look forward to seeing them every year at our special Christmas event for retirees. And like for all of our colleagues, the annual Pöppelmann family Christmas surprise awaits them there.

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