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This is how we embrace responsibility. Every single day.

Four stories and many people give an insight into our work.


Fresh salad and muesli for 40 cents.

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Teaser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Salat Muesli

Full-circle with PÖPPELMANN blue®.

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Teaser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Toepfe1 En

A day at the museum: let’s talk about plastic.

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Teaser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Forschertag2 En

At the Holdorf plant, a new life awaits plastic.

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Teaser Nachhaltigkeitsbericht Werk Holdorf
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Our main fields of action.

We have defined four fields of action for our sustainability The concept of sustainability was first described by Hans Carl von Carlowitz in 1713. Since the 1990s, the expanded model of thinking has developed as a “triangle of sustainability”. Today, it stands for a comprehensive future concept based on a) an ecological balance, b) economic security and c) social fairness. closesustainability strategy. They are mutually dependent, built on the PPx PPx stands for Pöppelmann Excellence and describes the strategic alignment of our company. The PPx guideline formulates our aspiration for our own business activity. closePPx principles and thus express our fundamental values.

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We assume responsibility – with competence and experience.

Plastic is a material that has been enabling humanity to make ground-breaking progress for more than 100 years: in medicine and in the household, in communication and in mobility.

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Pöppelmann – an innovative, family-run company with 70 years of tradition.

We work today on the topics of tomorrow. After all, plastic is the material of the future – and has been for more than 100 years.

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