Company profile

Company profile

Pöppelmann – an innovative, family-run company with 70 years of tradition.

The Pöppelmann Group is a family-run company with headquarters in Lohne, Lower Saxony, Germany. Since 1949, Pöppelmann has developed into one of the leading manufacturers in Germany’s plastics processing industry with six production sites as well as some 650 injection moulding and thermoforming machines and extruders. "Made by Pöppelmann" quality is highly sought after in over 90 countries, which is down to 2,500 highly qualified employees around the globe – our "Pöppelmen and Pöppelwomen".

Our company is organised into four business divisions:


has developed and produced plastic protective elements since 1957, offering around 5,000 different varieties. Some 3,000 of these are standard articles while approx. 2,000 are custom orders.

Pöppelmann K-TECH®

has developed and produced injection-moulded technical parts with the highest quality standards for the automotive and electrical industries as well as for machine and equipment construction since 1962. It currently has around 2,600 active products.


has developed technical functional components and packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical industry since 1998, offering around 1,700 different varieties.


has produced and developed plant and cultivation systems for commercial horticulture since 1970. Approx. 2,400 varieties of some 750 standard products are delivered.

For more information on our business divisions, please visit the Pöppelmann website.

Added value for customers in over 90 countries.

We have also had our own mould making facility since 1957. It guarantees high quality and flexibility in mould production and repair. The company’s headquarters have always been at home in Lohne, Lower Saxony. Our production takes place in four plants at our headquarters in Germany. We also have one production plant in France and another in the USA. A further five distribution companies in Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, England and China sell our products.

Our company, Pöppelmann Holding GmbH und Co. KG, is 100 % family-owned. It also owns 100 % of both subsidiaries Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffwerk – Werkzeugbau and Pöppelmann Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG. The same management team governs both the holding and the subsidiaries. It is the advisory board that has ultimate and overall.

Our customers come from over 90 counties and are active in a wide range of sectors and industries. As a plastics-processing company, we supply products to countless markets all over the world, although mainly in the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, medical, machine construction and commercial horticulture sectors.

We employ more than 2,500 staff at our six production sites worldwide. A total of 2,275 employees work at our four plants in Germany, where around 11,700 products are manufactured, including many different variants of numerous standard products. We use approximately 650 plastics-processing machines in our four divisions.

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